Chapter 21


you need an explanation as to why you are offering this good deal.

common explanations for good deals:

Dear Mr X, I have attached a dollar bill to the top of this letter for two reasons. First, I needed some way to get your attention because, secondly, I have a very important message…
Dear Mr X, Did you know there are only 117 X families in the entire coutry? And, because you are one of them…

Chapter 22

that little trick is to read your copy out loud. you will verbally stumble over all the places that are not smooth. you keep repeating this process till your copy is completely smooth and you can read it without stumbling at all.
It needs to flow from start to finish without a bump or a bubble.

by doing this writing and reading aloud of good material you will find that the process of writing good ads will be internally imprinted on your nerves, muscle fibers, brain cells and every fiber of your being.

The mistake is finding or developing a product FIRST and then looking for a market to sell it.
You Must Always Find A Market First… And Then Concentrate On A Product!
Products are a dime a dozen. They are important but much less crucial to success than finding a hot market.
A guy with a new product cannot always find a hot market for that product but a guy who has uncovered a HOT MARKET can always find a product to fill the needs of that market.