Lifelong Writing Habit - The secret to writing every day: write faster, write smarter

How much do I want to read more? 8/10

This guy really makes me want to write. He's good, concise, no blabla for pages and pages.
This is a short book. And it goes directly to what's matter most. It's a combinatio9n of self-help techniques applied to writting.


If you are willing to do the work, though, this book will change your writing life forever.
Follow the system I teach, and you'll be doing exactly the same thing, for the rest of your life.

Trust me when I say there is absolutely nothing special about me. I'm where I am simply because I started installing the right habits, exactly like you're about to do.

Chapter 1- What is a habit?

a habit is very much like a computer program.

  1. The Trigger. the event that triggers the habit.
  2. The Routine. 'what you do'.
  3. The Reward. what you get out of it.

This book will be worthless to you if you don't put in the work to implement what it teaches.

Exercise #1
Write out your daily routine as a list of habits.
Next to each of those habits put a (G) or a (B) for good or bad.
Once you've completed the list pick a habit you'd like to flip.
We're going to modify that habit in future chapters, until it becomes the foundation of your daily writing. For now all you have to do is pick it!

Chapter 2- Priming Your Subconscious

Your Mind, The Iceberg

90%, is your subconscious. This part of your mind never sleeps. It is always working, and it does exactly what you program it to do.
If you decide you're a best-selling author, then your mind will subtly reinforce that.


athlete see what's going to happen before it happens, because doing so convinces their subconscious that it's already true.
If you believe you're going to sell a million books this year, that you are a big league author, then your mind will do everything in its power to make that a reality.

Your Target Identity

If you want to write every day without fail, then you need to convince your subconscious that you're the type of author who writes every day.
the person you've always wanted to be. By conceiving of that person, you're taking the first step to becoming them.


All writers began writing for a very specific reason. What was yours?
Imagine a genie just popped out of a lamp. He'll grant your writing wish, making you into the exact author you've always wanted to be.

All you have to do is define that author. This part is very, very important. You need to see in your head exactly who you've become.
How many books have you sold? What does your writing room look like? Do you live on a beach? Or in the woods? Craft the exact image of the life you'd love to lead.


Why do you want to be a big, fancy, famous author?
I want to never worry about money again.
I want to tell stories that will entertain millions.
I want to be able to wake up each day and do whatever I want to do.
You need to understand what you're going to get out of your target identity.
Or there's no way you're going to do the massive amount of work necessary to achieve your goals.

I revisit my purpose every day. I spend at least five minutes thinking about the rewards I'll gain, about how amazing life will be when I become the person I've always dreamed of. Not only does this reinforce my target identity, but it's fun to imagine how wonderful my life will be.

The Power of Belief

I cannot overstate the power of belief. If you accept that you are meant for greatness, then you will be great.

No matter how impossible your dream feels right now, you have to believe it's possible. Someone is out there doing it, and if they're doing it why can't you?
You're going to do exactly the same thing, and you're going to get the same results, or better. Believe it. Be relentless in your belief, and in the actions you take to reinforce that belief.

The Big Questions

consider them carefully, and answer truthfully.

  1. Is your writing goal achievable? Can you become your target identity?
  2. Is it worth it?

ANYONE can be a great writer, provided they're willing to put in the effort.
If you spend an hour a day for the next three years, you will be light years ahead of where you are now.
you already are that person. Your life just doesn't know it yet.

You're going to have to work really, really hard to write every day to become the best author you can be.
You're going to have to labor tirelessly in front of the keyboard, for years. Are you willing to put in that type of effort knowing that the ultimate reward is the target identity?

Exercise #2
Write a paragraph about your target identity. Hell, write three paragraphs. Make it as vivid as possible. Describe your perfect writing life, the kind you'd have if you tirelessly cranked out 5,000 words a day for the next three years.
Then write out your purpose. Why are you doing all this work?
Finally answer the two big questions. Is this achievable? Is it worth it?
Now print out a copy and put it up wherever you write. Look at it every day when you sit down to write.

Bonus: Find a picture of the house you want to own, or the beach you want to write on, or something that represents the life you're going to have when you become your target identity. Put it up next to the written description.

Chapter 3- Installing habits