Catalyst - The ultimate strategies on how to win at work and in life

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Interesting, but I didn't get what the author means by "catalyst", it's like he's teasing us this is the missing part, without actually telling us what it is.
Time alonw won't do it. Experience alone won't do it. Hard workd alone won't do it. Skills and abilities alone won't do it.
So what is this missing ingredient that will start the reaction?

Introduction - Success Needs a Catalyst

the presence of a catalyst causes or accelerates a chemical reaction.
In some cases, the ingredients are available, but the reaction does not happen spontaneously. It takes the catalyst to make it happen. In other words, the reaction has to be catalysed.

I started to realize that even success at work and in life needs to be catalysed—it doesn’t happen by itself. Many people have the ingredients for success, but they mistakenly assume that just the presence of these will guarantee success.
it needs a catalyst, which comes in the form of specific actions and efforts.

my highest ROI was going to be in helping people in the corporate sector achieve even greater success in their careers and lives.
Many people said that it was life-changing and that they wished they had received these insights earlier in their lives. Many of them urged me to convert this content into a book.

I want the readers to understand that having the ingredients of success—education, IQ, EQ, hard work, a good job, etc.—does not mean that a person will automatically become successful.


1- Real Individual Growth, the Catalyst for Success

In all my experiences and travels across the world, the one thing that has stood out is the hunger for success that most people have, Indians in particular.

your career will grow only as much as you are able to grow as an individual and as a professional.
If you manage to grow your skills, your knowledge, your decision-making ability, your judgement, your influence on others, your communication skills, etc., then you will experience career growth.

My belief is that if we stop focusing on career growth and put all our energies into real individual growth, towards deserving more, then we will experience greater career growth.
It keeps our focus firmly on what we can influence, working on ourselves, rather than distracting ourselves.

My understanding now is—the probability of getting the result you want increases when you stop thinking about the results and start focusing on the deeds for getting that result.

One of the most common misconceptions is that real individual growth happens by itself.

Experience Needs a Catalyst

Time spent at work is not equal to experience.
Experience is not gained automatically; it has to be catalysed.

Higher Productivity Needs a Catalyst

Productivity does not increase by itself; it has to be catalysed.

Life and Values as Catalysts for Success

In my opinion, the impact of work on life is lower than the impact of life on work.

2- Time Spent at Work Does Not Equal Experience