What Is a Girl Worth - My Story of Breaking the Silence and Exposing the Truth about Larry Nassar and USA Gymnastics

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

It seems like a well-written book, from a courageous girl.
She's demonstrating a strong sense of justice right from the start, with relating one of her earliest memory.


I have been asked that question more times than I can count.
saying something is one thing. Being heard—and believed—is another.

Then she did something that was forever burned in my mind. She tucked her index and middle finger under the edges where the diaper met and said, “Always remember to put your fingers between the diaper and the baby, exactly where you are going to push the pin through. That way, if the pin slips and someone gets hurt, it’s the mom and not the baby.
The most important thing is to protect the baby. That’s my job.
I ran over to the older boy. grabbed the bully’s wrists.
“You always have a right to defend yourself and others,” they had said, “but never ever lash out in anger. Don’t become what you are fighting."
In other words, my motivation needed to be love—not anger, not revenge.
They also taught me that often kids who act out are angry and hurting, so it was important to feel compassion for them too.