Chapter 19

"You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression."
for a job interview, in the first 40-seconds.
In a jury trial, during the first half hour. and they spend all the rest of the time to justify the decision they have already made.
When a person falls in love it happens almost instantaneously.
You either hook a reader or lose him when he very first looks.

good poker players often watch their opponent's eyes when they draw new cards.
If their eyes widen, that is if their pupils dilate that means that they liked the new cards.
If their pupils constrict, they are not fond.
when we see something we like our eyes open up so we can let in more light and see more of it.

I believe our decision is made up in the first fraction of a second that we see something new.
we unconsciously spend the rest of our so called decision making time searching for justification for the decision we have already made.
about the "look" of my ad: I believe the "sale" or "no sale" decision is largely made the instant a prospect sees your ad and reads your headline.
the layout should be clean, there should be a lot of contrast and it should look easy and inviting to read.

Chapter 20

Dennis Haslinger told me that most of the most serious mistakes I would make in life would be bad ego decisions.
I have made quite a few bad ego decisions with women, many, many bad ones with money and quite a few that put me in some sort of physical danger.

a lot of people who would not be here in prison if they were capable of handling an emotionally charged situation with any kind of maturity.

y all this writing and road work is that I am "clearing the deck" and getting (in so far as possible) this garbage out of my system so that my strategic decisions and my future letters and ideas will be clear!

HALT stands for hungry, angry, lonely and tired and you should never make a decision when you are any of those things.
What should you do? What I did. Write, run, walk, talk, jog, etc.
it is the process or physical act of the writing and the road work that does the therapy.
You Don't Have To Get It Right…
You Just Have To Get It MOVING!