Obviously Awesome - How to nail product positioning so customers get it, buy it, love it

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

A short book on what seems to come before marketing.
It seems a bit boring, but I like the quotes in this book.
Really inspirational for anyone interested in marketing his product.

You’ve got a cool product, but nobody understands it. You think it’s simple, but customers don’t.

You have a positioning problem. I have a solution in 10 easy steps.


I frequently speak at tech and marketing conferences, and when I tell organizers I want to talk about positioning, their answer is always the same, “Don’t you have something cooler to talk about?”
The way we market and sell products is constantly changing.
growth hacking, content marketing, video marketing, visual search, voice search and chatbots.

Positioning is the act of deliberately defining how you are the best at something that a defined market cares a lot about.
Like speaking Japanese slowly and loudly to a person who speaks only English, putting a bigger marketing budget behind confusing and unclear positioning doesn’t work.

“How do you beat Bobby Fischer? You play him at any game but chess.”