Chapter 17

what happens when you actually write out a good ad in your own handwriting is that the words and the flow and the sentence structure and the sequence of information and everything else about the writing of that ad becomes a part of you.
This is a way of internally imprinting on your mind and body, the process of good writing. If you do this often enough you will soon have a deep “inside out” understanding of what it takes and what it feels like to write a good piece of copy.
It is important to do this. It is one of the many disciplines that other lazy “would be” marketing geniuses will not suffer. That’s too bad for them and good for us. I love that my so called “competition” is so lazy. I love it that so many people in advertising and marketing are too sophisticated, too “above” this sort of thing.

Let me tell you a little tale about a man I very much respect. He wanted to become a great writer (he was!) and so what he did was take great books and copy them (in a sense he was actually writing them) in his own handwriting just as I am instructing you to do. He did this for a long time.
Now here is something else he took the trouble to do: Since one of the books he wanted to write involved what it was like to cross the ocean under horrible conditions, what he did was travel the ocean himself in the bowels of rusty old freighters.
Did all of this pay off? You bet is did. This man’s name is Arthur Haley and his book “Roots” is one of the best sellers of all time.

Now, here are a few other tips on how to write good copy,
Use simple common everyday words. Use “get” instead of “procure.” Write short sentences and short paragraphs.
Use “transition” words and phrases to make your writing flow smoothly.
Well, as a matter of fact, I first…
Now, naturally, we don’t want to…
And, of course, here is what she said…

Ask questions once in a while and then answer them yourself. Like this:
Bond, do you understand what I am saying? You do. Good, then…
How do we get the benefits? The answer is simple. All we have to do is…
Can you imagine that? I know it seems unbelievable but…

What is a good writer? Well, in my opinion a good writer is one who makes things perfectly clear. He makes it easy for the reader. Easy-to-understand what he is saying, easy to keep reading.
if you want to read an entertaining book written with great clarity, then read Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions.”
Now, don’t get me wrong. I said the book was written clearly, I did not say it was written by a sane person.

Chapter 18

Have you ever looked at a piece of writing and decided not to read:
long sentences, long paragraphs, narrow side margins, small type and very little white space anywhere on the page.
Now, we certainly don't want people to avoid reading our copy for stupid reasons like this, do we?
wide margins, a certain amount of white space, double spacing between paragraphs, short words, short sentences, short paragraphs and an attractive, inviting layout.

The Layout Of Your
Advertisement Should
Catch The Attention Of
Your Reader… But…
Not In A Way That Causes
Him To "Notice" The Layout!

Whenever you write an ad it should look, in so far as possible, exactly like a rave review written by a reporter.

"I thought you might like to see what the Noble coat-of-arms looks like in full color so I am sending you the enclosed snapshot."