Chapter 15

Gather all the books, information and material related to what you want to write about, or that might triggers ideas.
Then read, and take notes.
Sometimes, my nugget notes consist of just one word. Sometimes they consist of meaningless phrases.
I just keep writing. I write what occurs to me as I read the list cards, the jackets of books…

You should also take notes on what this product will do for you. Will it make you wealthy? How will more money help your customer? Will he be able to buy a better car? Take more vacations? Afford a better home? If so, put it down.

OK now, after you have taken all these notes what I want you to do is re-read the notes and the really good ones, put a star X beside them. And the ones that are even better put two stars XX next to them. And then, the red hot ones you put three XXX or more stars beside them.

Now, at this point, what you need to do is stop working on this project. That’s right. Just let it go. Put it right out of your mind. Just go on about your other business for a day or two.

Now then, often what happens during this time, is that an outstanding sales idea will occur to you.
at this point you now need to begin writing your letter according to formula AIDA:

  1. First, get his Attention
  2. Second, get him Interested
  3. Third, make him Desire what you are selling
  4. Compel him to take whatever Action is needed to get whatever it is you are selling.

Chapter 16

1/Getting attention is CRUCIAL. That’s why I have attached coins, dollar bills, 2-dollar bills, Japanese “pennies”, Mexican pesos etc.
your attention grabber needs to be relevant. It needs to tie in naturally with your letter.

2/catch his interest.
Like how much money there is to be made. By telling how this is one of the best opportunity.

describe the benefits our prospect gets if he buys our product or service.
New car - impress your friends and family
Nice house - comfort, luxury, and status
Peace of mind - no worries about bills
Vacations - money lets you travel the world
Attract the opposite sex - makes you much more attractive to the opposite sex
Leisure time - money buys time

in the form of him sending us an order.
I am very thorough when it comes to closing a sale.
“Would you like to get in on this great investment opportunity? Would you like to be one of the privileged few who actually own a piece of the finest beach in Maui? If so, it’s easy to order. All you have to do is fill out the order coupon and send it to me with your payment, etc., etc.”
One thing I want to stress is that you must be very clear, very specific about what you want him to do.
Lead him by the hand and take him exactly where you want him to go.
And, above all, tell him to do all this RIGHT NOW! TODAY!
Tell him what he will get if he hurries and tell him what he will lose if he delays.