Dialogues Conversations with my Higher Self

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

Hmmm. It really looks like Walsch's book. It may sounds curious. Some questions and answer are actually interesting.
In the end, we make our own truth to those life questions. There's not one truth.
We all have this ability to write down without controling what comes, and the result can be surprising.

If you ask questions directly to your "Higher Self", will it answer back?
That's what freelance writer Ken MacLean wanted to find out - and the answers he received back were nothing short of spectacular.
his interactions with his "higher self" became almost like two good friends having a stimulating chat.
His "higher self", it seemed, had access to a vast library of universal knowledge.


I saw the books from Neale Donald Walsch, and I saw that his very powerful questions generated answers of very high clarity.
I discovered what Mr. Walsch discovered; that is, the more intense the desire for clarity through the asking of the question, the clearer was the reply.

Time and Higher dimensions

Does everything that has ever been since the beginning of the universe still exist?

Surrounding every conscious being is a set of possibilities that may manifest from the potential.
Reality is manufactured when you activate one of the possibilities. In other words, with your conscious choices you are grabbing a potential and making it ‘real’ to you.

Because your limiting beliefs block your perception of your own potential.
What manifests is what is experienced. What is not experienced remains a potential.

Are there more than 3 spatial dimensions?