Chapter 13

I've found myself a little hideaway near the top of "The Hill" and I am sitting cross-legged (yoga style) on a blanket and I am looking out over good old Camp Boron and writing you this letter.

Rick wants money. Chuck wants money. Your mom has bills and I feel very pressured.
It hurts.
But you once said the smartest thing I've ever heard a kid say. You said that you were luckier than Jeff because when Jeff lived with me I was already rich and that you get to be with me when I am not rich and, therefore, you get to learn how I solve problems, especially money problems.

I shall. Not because I want to but, rather, because I need to.
You see, when things are tough I have discovered that a very very simple (but effective) thing to do is just keep moving in some sort of positive direction.

.and so, Mr. Jones, as you can see, what I am offering you is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of a legalized Nevada whorehouse. I hope you can take advantage of this offer. But, if you can't, would you please drop me a note and tell you can't participate at this time. That way I'll feel free to make this exciting offer to someone else. I've enclosed a self-addressed envelope and I have even put a stamp on it because (either way) it is important that I hear from you right away.
Please, please -- reply today!

You see, what happens sometimes is that a person who is getting a pen or pencil and a piece of paper in order to write you and tell you "No" will sometimes start thinking like this: "Well, you jerk. I'd kind of like to get in on this deal anyway and now that I've got the pen and paper I may as well go ahead and order."

Chapter 14

Dear Mr. Tiberion,
I am attaching a plastic baggie to the top of this letter for two important reasons:
First of all, what I have to say to you is very serious and I needed some way to be sure to get your attention.
And secondly, what is inside that baggie could very well be your passport to complete financial independence!
Why is this? The answer is simple: You see, what is inside that baggie is a very tiny amount of what is the most valuable thing on earth.
I'm talking about real estate and, in this case, Hawaiian Real Estate!
Here's what it's all about: blah, blah, blah, etc., etc., etc.

Well oh well, what have we got so far? Let's see: we picked out our list, we know how to think about outside envelopes and return envelopes, we have thought up a way to get our reader's attention and we have the first couple paragraphs of our letter.

in most cases, it is good to include an order card and some type of printed brochure.
However, I do not like to let my reader see my order card, etc. as soon as he opens the envelope.
I don't want him to realize that I want to sell him something until I am well into my pitch.
we want him to read it at the proper time! And the proper time is after he has read our letter.

With the phone, there is no delay and as pop says, "in sales, delay is death."