It's Easier than You Think - The Buddhist way to happiness

How much do I want to read more? 6/10

Mmmm this book is a bit boring. The author explore the Buddha's teaching with anecdotes in her own life. But it feels very shallow.
It feels like an over-simplification.
Maybe a good starter to get an overview, but it can be misleading. And I'm afraid it lacks some depth.

1- Demystifying Spirituality

Spiritual Is Ordinary

I wanted to tell people that spiritual living does not need to be a big deal. Sometimes people decide to make a lifestyle change in the service of waking up. Some people join communities or religious orders. Some people change their diet. Some people become celibate. All of those choices are, for some people, very helpful tools for waking up, but they aren’t inherently spiritual.
In this book, the principal tool, mindfulness, is invisible. Mindfulness, the aware, balanced acceptance of present experience, is at the heart of what the Buddha taught.

Managing Gracefully

“I’m pretty content” or “I’m doing all right” or “I’m pretty happy.”
People had regular lives with regular Sturm und Drang. People had relationship problems, problems with aging parents; someone’s child had a very serious illness; someone else was dealing with a difficult kind of loss. And yet everyone said some variation of “I’m pretty much all right” or “I’m pretty content.”


What I did want, at least for a while, were exotic powers. I heard extraordinary stories of people who could bilocate or levitate.

Waking Up Is Nonsectarian

Truth is truth. Mind-tangles and suffering are universal, and the desire for happiness and the end of suffering is also universal.

2- The Path to Happiness - THE BUDDHA’S BASIC TEACHINGS

Basic Wisdom: Mr. Cory and My Grandfather

Essentially, he taught that it doesn’t make sense to upset ourselves about what is beyond our control.
The only choice we have is our attitude about the cards we hold.

The First Noble Truth: Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering Is Optional

The Second Noble Truth: Clinging Is Suffering