Chapter 9

the more "custom tailored" your promotion is the more successful it will be.

Chapter 10

when you get stuck or emotionally jammed up one of the ways to get yourself unclogged and flowing again is just to keep moving. Run. Walk. Jog. Write. Do the dishes. Or whatever. But don't sit around waiting for a flash from Heaven.
The key is movement!

Read "The Robert Collier Letter Book" two times and read "Scientific Advertising" three times.
The first time you read these books do so at your own pace. Don't take notes. Just read for enjoyment. However, after the first reading, I want you to take notes as you read the books the second and third times.

  1. Keep going through the "SRDS" book and looking at lists until you find one that you want to try to work.
  2. Let's pretend you have chosen a list of people who have bought a book on how to make money in real estate. Now what you need to do is get three or four hot books in investing in real estate and read them and take notes.
  3. OK now, you should get as many DM pieces and space ads on real estate investing you can find. Read these and take notes.
  4. By now ideas will be churning around in your mind because you have fed your brain a lot of good stuff to work with. What you do at this point is go back and review your notes from "The Robert Collier Letter Book" and "Scientific Advertising" and read those headlines again.

Now, by now, I can almost guarantee that a central selling idea will have emerged from your cunning little mind.

let's say your idea is to promise your potential customer that you are going to tell him how to buy real estate in his area with no money down. Then, your letter might start something like this:

Dear Mr. X,
Did you know that there is now a way to buy L.A. real estate without making any down payment whatsoever? Etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.

  1. create your product. go back to those books on real estate and extract all the good ideas. Next you arrange these ideas in some logical form and you start writing. Please remember, what we are creating here is a report NOT a book. something like 100 typewritten pages.

If you do this properly you will have created something of considerable value.
That is, taken a few good books on real estate investing and stripped away the garbage and created a tight informative roadmap to real estate riches.

Chapter 11

The A-pile is for personal letters, The B-pile is for ads.
You have to make your letter looks like personal so it goes into the A-pile.
You have to give your recipient enough curiosity so he will open and read it.

Chapter 12

Quite often (most often) your letter will arrive when your prospect is busy, when his mind is on other things. Therefore, you need to work hard to make reading your letter pleasant, easy-read, interesting and unconfusing.

my father and I were never ashamed to show each other affection and now that he is gone, knowing that we were that close brings me more solace than anything else he could have done.