Faith - trusting your own deepest experience

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

The author's early life was a lot of suffering. And I cannot relate to that.
However, I like very much how she defines and approach this notion of faith.
"Faith links our present-day experience, whether wonderful or terrible, to the underlying pulse of life itself."

Faith is a word often misunderstood.
We may think that the innocent lucky few have faith.
Faith is firmly grounded in intelligence, common sense, and our own experience.


"How can you possibly be writing a book on faith without focusing on God?"
It's a common misunderstanding about faith. That it is synonymous with religious adherence.
Doctrine and concepts distract us from what faith is actually about. Its essence lies in trusting ourselves to discover the deepest truth on which we can rely.
It is an inner quality that unfolds as we learn to trust our own deepest experience.

The Buddha said "Faith is the beginning of all good things."
Faith links our present-day experience, whether wonderful or terrible, to the underlying pulse of life itself.
It is inherent in every human being.

This book is the story of my own journey to faith.

Chapter 1 - The journey of faith

Each of us tells ourselves some kind of story about who we are and about what our life is about.
We might frame ourselves as pessimist or optimist, winner or loser. How we interpret our own experiences gives rise to the narratives to which we dedicate our lives.

The story I was telling myself was that what I felt didn't matter anyway.

Buddha's basic teachings:
Because we are born, we experience suffering.
Second Noble Truth: the causes of suffering: ignorance and attachment.
We look at our personal histories, our bodies, our thoughts and feelings, and we conclude: "That's who I am". But any superficial idea of who we are, powerful or powerless, constantly shift and unravels. We strive to hold it together because we fear being nothing. As long as we are ignorant of what lies below our surface identifications, we will be unhappy.
The third Noble Truth says we can be free from the distorted concepts of who we think we are, boundless, beyond conditioning, and that frees us from suffering.

Buddha's story is freedom from suffering. To trust our immense potential