Zen Miracles - Finding Peace in an Insane World

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

So far, I think the best Zen book are the one recommanded by Osho:

But this one looks nice too.


So few realize that the great miracle is happening in our lives, right now. Zen is simply the practice of waking up so we can see the miracle.
In Zen, we say as soon as you speak, you are far from the mark.
“Wash out your mouth before you speak about Zen.”
Words limit, cheapen, and distort understanding. And yet, remaining silent will not do, either. This itself is a koan—a Zen riddle—or challenge for us.

A history teacher came over and gave me a gift wrapped in a brown paper bag.
“Don’t tell anyone about this,” he said secretively. “It’s per- fect for you and I know it.” I had no idea what it was.
I went home and undid the package. Inside was a book by D. T. Suzuki on Zen. I opened the pages, began to read, and was filled with inexplicable joy. I read one koan after another, had no idea what they meant, but knew that this could finally lead me to exactly what I’d been yearning for.

Zen Miracles is divided into five parts:

PART ONE - Getting Started

CHAPTER 1 - What Is Zen?

ZEN MIRACLE 1: You can laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry.

Finding Your Answers

The answers to Zen questions cannot be found by thinking, talk- ing, or finding a Zen Master.
A Zen Master can only prod, kick, yell, cajole, love, and shove you into realizing that no one else has your truth. To find the answers to your life ques- tions, you must look within. Nothing less will do.
It’s about turning the search around, discovering and trusting what’s within.

Don’t put a head on your own head. What’s wrong with the one you have?

-- Nyogen Senzaki

Don’t Put a Head on Your Own Head