Reading for every child - Fluency

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Nice exercices and ideas for youg kids to get ready before they know reading.

Reading First

five key areas for early reading instruction:

Fluency in Kindergarten

To get ready to read:

however, a vital element is missing from my instruction.
Fluency is the ability to read a text accurately and quickly and with expression.

Defining Fluency

When a child must stop often to figure out new words, he or she will probably find it difficult to determine meaning.

Fluency Instruction

Research shows that fluency must be taught systematically.
Fluency activities by their very nature must be oral activities.

Some fluency goals for kindergarten:

Fluency at this level is “caught” rather than “taught.”
In this book, activities will involve reading books aloud, choral or echo reading, and reading big books. Chants, poems, rhythm, and rhyme will be used to encourage fluency.

Assessing Fluency

Getting Started

One of the first ways to assess fluency in your kindergartners is through observation.
Watch the children, especially as they work and play.
Listen to their language and see how they relate to others.

Assessment of your class’s skills in naming letters and initial sounds should be one of your first steps.