The Jewel Tree of Tibet - The enlightenment engine of Tibetan buddhism

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The root text of Tibetan Buddhism. Explained verse by verse. Isn't it beautiful that we can access this information?


It is a teaching on the steps on the path of enlightenment.
We’ll retreat into one of the greatest sacred wisdom texts of Tibetan knowledge of the soul, called The Devotion to the Mentor.
A gem tree is used to focus our minds.
It is a powerful text, just the reading of which has the capacity to lift you out of your individual self.

For a while, all I wanted was to stay in my Buddhist community of seekers of enlightenment, to be embraced as a monk. My inner life was rich, full of insights and delightful visions, with a sense of luck and privilege at having access to such great teachers and teachings and the time to study and try to realize them. Eventually, I realized that there was more I needed to learn from the world, from engagement with others, from developing compassion in my interactions rather than the solitary quest of wisdom. So I resigned as a monk and reentered the university, determined to find a way to continue to study while engaging more actively with others.

As I have grown older and become less sure about everything—and even confused and discouraged when my inherited negative personality traits reemerge in the heat of relationships—I have repeatedly turned back to the beginning of my studies of the jewel tree. I regularly rest under the jewel tree and reflect on the steps it provides us to enlightenment, freedom, and happiness. A golden ladder from earth to heaven, the great jewel tree is an inner space for a retreat, a spiritual vacation, a refreshment and recharging that comes from stepping back from our emotions and habitual perspectives.

Whenever I conduct a retreat, I try to remember that the main person who needs the retreat is myself.

A noble person is defined by the Buddha not in terms of social class or race or nationality or sex or religion but by whether you perceive things only from your own perspective or whether you perceive them simultaneously from all others’ perspectives.

ONE - BUDDHISM AND THE WAY - Grounding Your Meditation

Through the great bliss state,
I myself become the mentor deity.
From my luminous body,
Light rays shine all around,
Massively blessing beings and things,
Making the universe pure and fabulous,
Perfection in its every quality.

The great bliss state is the state of reality—where we actually are, right here and now.
The wonderful thing about the Buddha’s revelation, the Buddha’s insight, is that this reality itself is the great bliss state.
the reality of perfect happiness is the reality of our world. This was the Buddha’s good news.
To find happiness or peace or enlightenment, we do not have to create some artificial world, a world apart from this world. We have to understand the nature of this world.
it is revealed to us through our understanding.
Our own understanding reveals the nature of the world to us.
The nature of this world is superbliss, intertwined and indivisible.