Chapter 5

when someone asks me what is the #1 big secret to making money I tell them they should get involved in whatever excites them the most.
money, is most often a by product of enthusiasm.
Remember it also, when, in the future, you need to hire someone. Always look for the most enthusiastic person, not necessarily the most qualified.

When it comes to making money, attitude is the most important thing of all.
when I discuss making money with someone, I spend a lot more time on attitude because it is so important.

The very first thing you must come to realize is that you must become a "student of markets".
Not products. Not techniques. Not copywriting. Not how to buy space or whatever.
the first and the most important thing you must learn is what people want to buy.
And it's easy. You see, the way to deduce what people want to buy is to simply observe what they DO buy!
But be careful. You want to know what people actually DO buy, not what they SAY they buy.

Ex: In a survey, people put down as an answer the beer they felt they SHOULD DRINK. Not the one they actually drink.
Another: if you took a survey you would discover that the most read book of all is the Bible. A lot of people own a Bible, a lot of people DISPLAY their Bibles. but damn-few people have actually READ the Bible. MORE PEOPLE READ THE "NATIONAL ENQUIRER" IN ONE SINGLE WEEK THAN HAVE EVER READ THE BIBLE IN THE LAST 2,000 YEARS

How it really is. Not how people wish it was or how they think it is.

Diamond Buyers And Enquirers:
People who purchased or inquired about purchasing diamonds: 60% buyers.
QUANTITY = 52,000
52,000 x 60% buyers = 31,200 actual buyers
always pay special attention to the average unit of sale - the higher the better!