Chapter 4

a fat, sloppy or skinny and weak body tends to broadcast to the world that the owner of that body is lacking self-respect.
animals have a tendency to prey on weak or helpless animals.
there is very little sympathy for a weakling.
Rely On Your Own Strength Instead Of Somebody Else's Compassion!

you've obviously first got to have some strength in order to be able to rely on it.
You can't fake it. You don't need to "act tough"; you need to be tough.
when you "get tough" not only does your appearance change; your "signals" change also. The way you move, the way you hold yourself, your reactions to outside stimuli - all of that changes.
So I want you to start getting tough and self reliant.

We all have people in our lives we are stuck dealing with for a variety of reasons such as loyalty based on past friendship, family or some other sense of duty. Well not my pop. He said SCREW THAT and cut anyone who impeded his enjoyment right out of his life for good.
My brother Kevin is like that and I try to learn from them because it makes a lot of difference to one's success. Imagine if everyone you deal with is really on your side and not only believes in you, but they all also want to seriously help you accomplish your goals.

Most people think the hard part is finding positive people, but that isn't true. Go to any learning Annex workshop with Trump speaking and you will find positive people with hope. No, the real trick is to cut out those that hold you back.

A support system is like a garden and you always need to be on the lookout for weeds to pull.

The other lesson in this chapter is don't be or appear to be a weak target. He discusses having large arms as a deterrent and he is 100% right.
In business my father tried to never appear weak and it is easier to not appear weak when you are strong.
Carry yourself with confidence (not arrogance) in everything you do and people will respond to it in a good way.

self-reliance is the real motive of great business men and not money.