The Road Back to You - An enneagram journey to self-discovery

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

I already have 2 excellent books on my to-read list about the enneagram, plus one less interesting.
This one would be number 3 on my list. It starts with a man who did more wrong than right. He's lost and ask for a monk to help him finding who he is.

1- A Curious Theory of Unknown Origin

Everything from the way he used both his hands to grasp mine to the way he smiled and said, “Welcome, traveler, can I make you coffee?” told me I’d come to the right place.

“Br. Dave, I don’t know who I am or how I got into this mess,” I confessed, finally breaking the reverie. “But I’d be grateful if you could help me figure it out.”
Br. Dave smiled and sat back in his chair. “Good,” he said. “Now we can begin.”