Guess what?
Today I jogged "The Hill" two times without stopping!

for one thing, you should eat a lot of vegetables.
every night before you go to sleep I suggest you cut up a bunch of new veggies and put them in the container and then put the container in the refrigerator. Then, in the morning, when you are ready to leave the house, you can grab your raw veggies and take them with you to munch on them all day.

six small meals is a lot better than three big ones.
Don't depend on your mother or anybody else to buy or cut up your vegetables for you.
You see, when you depend on others you give yourself an excuse for failure. Depend on yourself.

I think you should do is drink one large glass of non-fat milk every day. This will give you your calcium, some protein and some other good stuff.
You should also have at least one serving of some kind of lean meat or fowl.
Go easy on eggs. Two or three a week is plenty. They contain a lot of cholesterol and that's the stuff (along with fats) that can clog up your arteries.

But don't worry. You see, if you keep up your road work and eat all the foods you should eat every day you won't have much room (or much inclination) to load yourself up with junk.

The part where he tells me not to rely on anyone is a whole lesson all by itself.
When most people tell others of any plan to make money, they are met with instant negativity.
People don’t do this consciously. They simply need to do it to make themselves feel better.
when you tell people your plans to get rich, they will translate your success into their failure for not becoming rich.

most people judge how well they have done in life by comparing themselves to their peers and if one of their peers has become a multi millionaire and could retire young and rich, then they will have to question their own choices.

To sum it up the two lessons are:

Number two is often taught in the military.