The pumpkin plan - A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in any Field

How much do I want to read more? 8/10

I must say I like the introduction of this book, it helps to think big and different.
It's very inspiring, and make you think.


Suppose You’re looking for the perfect pump- kin, but they all seem to look the same.
You keep searching, and just after you get through the corn maze you spot it—the biggest pumpkin you’ve ever seen. It’s like Charlie Brown’s “Great Pumpkin” big. It’s so big, it’s hard to be- lieve it’s even real.

As you walk over to it, you don’t even see the other pump- kins, and you wonder how you didn’t spot it right off the bat. Al- though it is surrounded by red tape and signs saying “prize- winning pumpkin, not for sale,”
You walk around it, marveling at its size. At its remarkableness. You get out your phone and take pictures of your kids standing next to it, and text your friends, telling them they have to come see the most awesome, gigantic pumpkin in the world.
Like a magnet, the pumpkin draws a continuous stream of other people, too.

There is something absolutely irresistible, something magnetic about being the extreme. Be it the strongest, or the fastest, or the most unique. The farmer with the most extraordinary pumpkin in the field wins. Every. Single. Time.

The same is true for entrepreneurs. Yet most entrepreneurs work their tails off, only to end up with small, ordinary, unre- markable pumpkins.
entrepreneurs grow are insignificant, so insignificant that customers often don’t see them.
To grow a successful business your company must be irresist- ibly magnetic. The average lose and are left to rot. It’s the most unique—the best—who win.
You don’t need to do more. You need to do different. You have to pretend you’re a pumpkin farmer.

plant hearty seeds, identify the most promising pumpkins, kill off the rest of the vine, and nurture only the pumpkins with the biggest potential.

Never forget this: Ordinary pumpkins are always forgotten. Only the giant pumpkin draws a crowd and lives on holiday cards, refrigerators and grainy YouTube videos . . . forever. The giant pumpkin is legend. And when you’ve grown one . . . you will be a legend, too.

I wrote my first book, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, for those who want to start a business but think they lack the education, resources, momentum, expertise and capital to do so.
That book was about planting the seed; this book is about growing it.