They Ask, You Answer - A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer

How much do I want to read more? 8/10

This books starts like a biography. The author tells us how he got into business, how he hit the rock bottom, and you can guess what happened next.
So it looks inspiring and authentic.
This guy helped thousands of business owners whith his "methodology".
Good lessons to be learned here.
What's funny is he started selling swimming pool equipments.


It turns out that it’s possible for an average person to save a struggling business and inspire a major culture change throughout an organization. This book is about how.

That’s when I made the call. It was the call that would change everything.
the most simple and compelling strategy imaginable that resulted in millions of dollars in sales: They Ask, You Answer.
"Marcus, you don’t know me or my company yet, but you’re my guy. I need you to come help me"
What I had just spent the entire previous year trying to rally people around, Marcus accomplished companywide in less than six hours.
He simplified the complex.
Everyone understood.
Everyone bought in.
We had a unified team with a clear plan for writing a better future. Sharing information and empowering buyers became embedded in our culture.

It is time to disrupt the status quo and lead change. It is time to grow an organization that you can be proud of and that buyers trust.


There is a teacher within each of us.

Part I - A Very Different Way of Looking at Business, Marketing, and Trust

“Who is the most trusted voice in your industry?”
Surprisingly, in most industries, such a person or company doesn’t even exist. In the following pages, if you truly apply what is taught herein, you’ll discover exactly how you can become that voice.

1- The Fall

How I Became a “Pool Guy”

I learned. I read. I studied. I dug deep into the industry. I didn’t know how long I was going to be a pool guy, but I did know I didn’t want to look dumb in front of customers.
I suddenly knew a lot about the stuff we sold. Customers, too, could see that, if they had a question, I generally had an answer. And if I didn’t have it, it would bother me so much that I’d assuredly study it so as to better respond on the next occasion.

It was for this reason that Jim and Jason believed I would be the ideal third partner in the business, asking me at the six-month mark whether I would join their team for good.
Having no idea the impact this invitation would have on my life, I simply responded, “Yes.”

2008: The Wheels Start to Fall Off

And so there I was, crying in my car that late night in January 2009—account overdrawn, employees sitting at home, and staring bankruptcy square in the face.

2- A Massive Buying Shift and the Blur Between Sales and Marketing