Diary of a Minecraft Zombie - Book 2

How much do I want to read more? 6/10

Ok, I just wanted to have a quick look at this popular book series. So it's about warrior, fight, creature, armor, sword and arrows.
It's about action. We could be in the world of Warcraft, but hey, it's Minecraft.
I think I could read this and actually like it. Maybe not my age anymore. Maybe not my main focus right now.

Saturday – Day 1

The pig-man charged all the way up to the handle of Alex’s sword, meaning the sharp end stuck out the back of its neck, and snarled in his face, spewing saliva all over Alex’s armor.

Sunday – Day 2

he must have shot so many arrows that it had become second nature to him.
Alex collapsed onto his knees as he covered his mouth. His eyes weren’t as open as they usually are and I could hear him breathing rapidly through his nose onto his hand.
The stomping feet of the pig-men echoed into the space we had created in the cave.
Alex covered my mouth with his other hand. His eyes met mine as to say ‘it’ll be over soon’

Monday – Day 3