Counting by 7s

How much do I want to read more? 6/10

I'm curious about this one. First chapter introduce a drama, in a novel-like fashion.
The little girl wants to rewind, go back in time, but it's not possible.
How does this relate to maths? I need to read on and see.

Ok so it's not about maths.
Through this book, We get the chance to see the world through the mind of a "gifted" child.
It's really her story about her parents, school, friendship and nature.

An easy style. It reads fast.

chapter 1 - willow chance

A genius shoots at something no one else can see, and hits it.

I do not like to exclude people (I’m the one who is always excluded, so I know how that feels)
all I know for certain, with the sun on our faces and the sweet ice cream holding our attention, is that this is a day that I will never forget.

“There’s been an accident.”
And after that in whispers comes the news that the two people I love most in the world are gone forever.
I need to rewind.
I want to go back.
Will anyone go with me?

chapter 2 - two months ago

I’m about to start a new school.
I’m an only child.
I’m adopted.
And I’m different.
As in strange.

Is it possible to be loved too much?

If plants made sounds, it would all be different. But they communicate with color and shape and size and texture.
They don’t meow or bark or tweet.
We think they don’t have eyes, but they see the angle of the sun and the rise of the moon. They don’t just feel the wind; they change directions because of it.

It’s sort of tragic that we can’t remember the earliest of the early years.
I feel as if these memories could be the key to the whole “Who am I?” question.

But after days of hearing more lies from an adult than I’d been exposed to in my whole lifetime I was at some kind of breaking point.
So when the teacher specifically said:
“Willow, how does this book make you feel?”
I had to tell the truth:
“It makes me feel really bad. The moon can’t hear someone say good night; it is two hundred thirty-five thousand miles away. And bunnies don’t live in houses. Also, I don’t think that the artwork is very interesting.”
“But really, hearing you read the book makes me feel bad mostly because I know it means you are going to make us lie down on the floor—and germs there could make us sick. There’s a thing called salmonella and it is very dangerous. Especially to kids.”

I was taken to see an educational consultant.
It said I was “highly gifted.”
According to the consultant, Mrs. Grace V. Mirman, the challenge for the parents of someone “highly gifted” was to find ways to keep the child engaged and stimulated.
But I think she was wrong.
Almost everything interests me.

Chapter 3

I was told that I lived too much inside my head.
Maybe because of this, I haven’t done that well at school and I’ve never had many friends.

Chapter 4

If I were the kind of person who cried, I’m sure that I would have, but that’s not in my character. I almost never cry. Instead, I just nodded and stared out the window.
I can disappear like that into myself.

I took the pencil and began filling in the ovals with the answers.
In 17 minutes and 47 seconds I got up from my seat and walked to the front of the room, where I handed the answer form and the booklet to the teacher.
I received a perfect score.
I headed into Mrs. Kleinsasser’s class a week later and she was waiting for me. She said:
“Willow Chance. Principal Rudin needs to see you.”

Chapter 5 - dell duke