The Boron Letters

How much do I want to read more? 8/10

I love those kind of "Reflexions" a father may give his son, or we may give to our younger self. It's like gathering all the experience we had, and reflect on them, and give a summary of the most important things, of what matters.
Those kind of writing are powerful, because they help us to focus on what matters, and not to get drifted in a wrong path for too long.
Our time is precious, and this helps us to make a better use of our precious time.

What I liked about it:

What I didn't like that much:

Some ideas and quotes from the book:

Chapter 1

Dear Bond,
This letter is going to be the first in a long series of letters in which I will
attempt to communicate to you a lot of the important things I have learned in the last 46 years.

The first thing I want to talk about is "road work". Road work is walking, jogging and running. And, in my opinion, you should do about one hour of road work everyday of the week except Sunday. I believe the best time to do your road work is right after you get out of bed.
get out of bed, (early) wash your face, brush your teeth, use the bathroom, etc., and then, eat a piece of fruit (I think a banana is the best) and then hit the street!
Walk, run, jog. Keep moving for about 1/2 hour.

I really do believe this is the very best way in the world to start the day. It cleans you out. It will also make you more clearheaded and improve the quality of your thinking. it won't be long at all till you become positively addicted to your early morning workout.

This stuff about doing road work the first thing in the morning is very close to being the most important thing of all.

Chapter 2