Love Lives Here - A story of thriving in a transgender family

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

When you start reading chapter One, it's hard to stop reading on.
What's happening next? So the woman is married with three kids, a home, and a husband who never smile. She get to the point she can't handle her frustration anymore.
She says her whole life is going to change that night. Did she reveal to her husband she's trans? did she fell in love with another woman?
From the title, I bet she let her true feelings take over and stoped the "comedy" playing someone that wasn't her.


Love is why I do the work I do. Love is why this book exists. Love for myself, love for my family, love for a whole community of people who don’t get enough of it.

One - Detour

SHE TOLD ME in the car.
Or rather, she didn’t tell me. Because it’s what wasn’t said that gave it all away—the space between our words leaving a silence where you could almost hear our hearts break.

Whenever I think about the night my life changed forever, I’m thrust backwards into sensory overload. The sights, the smells, the sounds are forever a part of the memory.

Unhappy. So unhappy. I was tired of it. Twenty-two years later, it was time to figure out what the hell was going on.
“We have a great life!” I often said when I’d reached my breaking point, my voice filled with frustration. “Three amazing kids, a nice home and full bellies. What more could you ask for? Some people would kill for this life! I just don’t get you.”

But not this time. For some reason, I went rogue. For some reason, on this night—in this place of coffee and big changes—I held it together. Somewhere deep down, I must have had a special reserve of patience for this occasion—vintage, stored in fancy bottles with dust on them. I pulled some of that patience out of the cellar and stayed surprisingly calm.
holding back on sharing a life-altering secret out of fear.
I’m glad I drew from my reserve that night. By not getting angry, I changed the pattern. I likely saved us another twenty-two years of dysfunctional dancing.
what would be revealed in the car on the ride home would shatter the life I thought we had. In just a few minutes, I would be staring at the rubble beneath my feet and wondering what the hell I had just done.