Find Your Way - Unleash Your Power and Highest Potential

How much do I want to read more? 9/10

This looks so inspirational. A girl was pushed to do lawyer school by her parents. And she had the courage to listen to her own voice.
She didn't what to do yet. She's now telling the story that followed her powerful decision, and that we can follow the same path too.
Everytime I read such stories, it reminds me about my own studies. Everything was alright from kindergarden to middle school. Then from high school to universtity I did murder my soul year after year. This was so subtle that I thought I was doing the best thing for me, studying sciences, and engaging in computer science as a professional.
I remember 2 years before completing my master I wanted to quit, what was the point? This diploma would be so useless, I knew it. But then, all that "hard work" would mean nothing if not getting that "final diploma".
Now that I'm in my forties, I hate to say I waited for security before to move toward my path. I started listening again to what matters to me. I don't want to follow a path that is not mine.
So I bet this book is a good inspiration for that.

MOMENT OF REVELATION - A Word on Your One Wild and Precious Life

My parents were not quitters. Hard work and perseverance were their credo, and what they wanted more than anything was for me to fulfill my potential.
Surely I couldn’t just quit!
Still, I was ready to quit.
the only thing I truly excelled at was people pleasing, particularly parent pleasing. I worked hard to please my parents.
I knew I hated law school.
This was my life . . . what poet Mary Oliver calls my “one wild and precious life.”

Resolved, I dressed, headed downstairs, ushered my parents together, and plunged headlong into my announcement.
“I hate law school. It is not what I am meant to do. I quit.”
My father said the worst thing he could have said: “Carly, I am very disappointed. I am afraid you may not amount to anything . . .”
not knowing what came next, I felt terrified.
Still, I did not want to sign up for a life that wasn’t my own.
I also realized that I felt totally, utterly free.

We need our sights lifted from our present circumstances to what is possible in the days to come. We need our thoughts lifted from negative self-talk and chronic comparisons to confirmation of what makes us distinct. We need our hearts lifted from despondency and despair to openness, expansiveness, and peace.

There are those who push us down, tempting us to tap into the worst, smallest, most self-centered version of ourselves; and there are those who lift us up, compelling us to reach for the best us we’ve ever known.

Among other things, I learned these key principles:

Chapter One - Future You - The only limitless asset around