Everything Ive Never Said

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

Nicole (Nic) and Ava are sisters. But hava can't talk from birth.
The start was a bit boring to read, and not so pleasant, but I think there's great lesson in there. This book is original. Imagine what a person's life who can't talk must be? What kind of mind can such a person develop?
When you remove someone's faculty, he develops other way beyond our normal use. So watching what this person has developed aside from talking can give a glimpse of what's possible for us.

Imagine you have an itch, but your hands are too scrunched to scratch it.
You have something to say, but you can’t talk, so no-one listens.
There’s nothing you can do.
You’re locked in.
Like me.

Chapter One

Rett girls are mostly crooked and small for our age. Our muscles don’t work properly and we ache when we sit for too long. But that’s not the hardest part.
Rett girls like me can’t talk. It’s the worst.
Not talking is like being trapped underwater. You’re screaming for someone, anyone, but no-one can hear a sound.

Chapter Two