You Who ? Why You Matter and How to Deal with It

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

Basically, this book, through christian philosophy, is here to help you discover your identity and get lifted to a brighter life, instead of staying foolish in the wrong direction.
The core message I'd like to get here is how to see the belief I'm not aware of, and to switch them for more empowering ones.
It's not love at first sight with the author's style, but I may need to read on to have a definitive opinion.

When my heart is overwhelmed;
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

-— Psalm 61:2


I will not give you a big pep talk, there is no chapter on morning affirmations. I want something much, much better for you, because I want something true for you.

Your understanding of your identity affects everything in your life.
I was being held back from foolishness not by wisdom, not by understanding, not by insight, and not by spiritual strength. I was held back and protected by a sense of belonging: I knew who I was hanging on to, and I knew that I could never let go because He would never let go. I knew that if I took a path of sin, that not only would He not let go of me, but there would be nothing but misery until I was back in obedience.

When I write about knowing who you are, what you are for, what the self is and isn’t. I am writing about something that I know personally. I want you to understand that what I have, you have. What I know, you can know. He who holds me holds you.


“I don’t even know who I am anymore.”. “Who am I?” is the cry of a person who suddenly realizes that the philosophy he has been following around in the grocery store isn’t his mother after all.
Our modern society has been following wrong philosophies around for generations. We have wandered so far that we need a map to find our way home.
Christians must learn to look beyond the surface and evaluate the belief at its core.

I was horrified—I had been wearing, in large print across my forehead, the name of a brand that clearly did not represent my beliefs or desires.
So it is with much of our understanding of the self. If we could just see the belief systems we are buying into spelled out in plain writing, it might shock us.