Everybody - Always Becoming Love in a World Full of Setbacks and Difficult People

How much do I want to read more? 8/10

I don't know what's so special about this book, but it reasonate deep inside of me. It reminds me the will and inspiration I had when I was a little boy, to love everyone. I was proud of it. It was my little secret. I loved to love the ones nobody loved. I found treasures in it. I knew there were barriers to enter and I didn't stop at them. I knew how to find those little cracks, those little holes so I can enter like a mouse.
Plus, this author really is funny. I never read such combo, so I can get over that he's talking about God and Jesus, because he goes farther and reach the very purpose of what he's saying. He doesn't just stop at naming things.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to make my faith easy. The truth is, it’s not. From what I’ve been reading, if we do it right, it will actually kill all the earlier versions of us. What I’m trying to do now is make my faith simple.


instead of telling people what Jesus meant, they just loved people the way He did.
I said we need to love everybody, always. It made sense to me, so I decided to write a book about it.

CHAPTER 1 - Creepy People

We don’t need to be who we used to be; God sees who we’re becoming—and we’re becoming love.

If you do throw the match, make sure you don’t turn around and look when it blows up. It wrecks the vibe.
“Man, it all got stolen. My luggage, my wallet, everything.” I felt like Jason Bourne.
He asked if there was any way I could prove who I was. I shook my head, then suddenly remembered—I had written a book a while ago. We Googled it, but I forgot the cover only had balloons on it. (I made a mental note to put a huge photo of myself on the cover of this book just in case it happens again, but I bailed on the idea when I saw what my face looked like on a book cover.)

All of this raised a question I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. How do we prove who we are?
Jesus talked to His friends a lot about how we should identify ourselves. He said it wouldn’t be what we said we believed or all the good we hoped to do someday. Nope, He said we would identify ourselves simply by how we loved people.
love is someone we become.

Loving the people who are easy to love made me feel like I was really good at it.
I was avoiding the people I didn’t understand and the ones who lived differently than me. Here’s why: some of them creeped me out. Sure, I was polite to them, but sadly, I’ve spent my whole life avoiding the people Jesus spent His whole life engaging.
People who are becoming love see the beauty in others even when their off-putting behavior makes for a pretty weird mask.

What I’m learning about love is that we have to tackle a good amount of fear to love people who are difficult.
Barriers make me feel right, and that makes me feel safe.
Why are you so afraid? Who are you trying to impress? Am I really so insecure that I surround myself only with people who agree with me?

We’ll become in our lives what we do with our love. Those who are becoming love don’t throw people off roofs; they lower people through them instead.