Everybody Writes - Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content

How much do I want to read more? 8/10

"it feels like it could come only from you." I like his touch when doing any creative work.
"getting inside the heads of other people so that you can respect their needs and their wants" I like this one too.
Overall, it feels like a solid a very good book about writing.
I like this idea that we're all writers, that it's even more important and powerful today, and that we should take more advantage of it.
Words are powerful. Communication is powerful. Our thoughts are powerful. The way we are seen and reveal ourselves is powerful.
It pushes the button in me to write more. And reveal who am I. What I fail to show through my tongue, I may show it through my written words.


This book inspires you to become a stronger writer.
You should devour this book if you're a communicator, regardless of your title, position, years of experience, or job description. Because everybody writes.
If Strunk and White's The Elements of Style and Stephen King's On Writing had a baby, this would be it.


to craft better content can involve nothing more than developing some necessary muscles.
writing well is part habit, part knowledge of some fundamental rules, and part giving a damn.

But I'm Not a Writer

Actually, writing matters more now, not less. In an online world, our online words are our emissaries; they tell the world who we are.
Our writing can make us look smart or it can make us look stupid. It can make us seem fun, or warm, or competent, or trustworthy.

What Is Content?

Content is essentially everything your customer or prospect touches or interacts with.
very often the core of that content—that user experience—is writing.
“Words are a proxy…a stand-in for the things that we as people and we as companies want to convey to the world,”

So the question becomes: Are you telling your story from your unique perspective, with a voice and style that's clearly all you?

Bezos says: “When you have to write your ideas out in complete sentences and complete paragraphs, it forces a deeper clarity of thinking.”

psychologist Steven Pinker: “Good writing…is a matter of developing the skills of intuitive psychology that are so important in every other aspect of social life: getting inside the heads of other people so that you can respect their needs and their wants,”

Why We Need to Wage a War on Content Mediocrity (Or, Why This Book?)

We have become a planet of publishers.
The opportunity to change how we communicate with the people we are trying to reach, and what we communicate, is tremendous—yet we aren't taking full advantage of it.

Brevity and clarity matter more than ever.
there's a lot of competition, That's why it's important to write clearly and succinctly.

What matters now isn't storytelling; what matters is telling a true story well.
It's fresh, different, well-written, well-produced, nicely designed—and it feels like it could come only from you.

Utility × Inspiration × Empathy = Quality Content

the key to that essence is a relentless empathy for your reader or audience.
One of the best, quality bits of content I ever encountered was a neatly designed guide to dishwasher repair I downloaded from an appliance website, because it delivered exactly what I needed with clear utility, inspiration, and empathy.

Still Waiting. I Thought You Said You Were Going to Explain Why This Book?

Part I, How to Write Better (and How to Hate Writing Less)
Part II, Grammar and Usage
Part III, IV, Story Rules. infuse your content with heart and soul and integrity
Part V, Things Marketers Write
Part VI, Content Tools. resources.

Stephen King: “Dumbo got airborne with the help of a magic feather…Just remember before you do that Dumbo didn't need the feather; the magic was in him.”

Part I - Writing Rules: How to Write Better (and How to Hate Writing Less)

There is no one way to write—just as there is no one way to parent a child. But there are terrible ways to.