Your Faith Is Your Fortune

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Deep. It needs to be meditated upon. To shift and change paradigm about life.



In the beginning was the unconditioned awareness of being, and the unconditioned awareness of being became conditioned by imagining itself to be something, and the unconditioned awareness of being became that which it had imagined itself to be; so did creation begin.
By this law – first conceiving, then becoming that conceived – all things evolve out of No-thing; and without this sequence there is not anything made that is made.


Nothing has ever appeared in man’s world, but what man decreed that it should.

Man does not command things to appear by his words, which are, more often than not, a confession of his doubts and fears.
Decreeing is ever done in consciousness.

Every man automatically expresses that which he is conscious of being. Without effort or the use of words, at every moment of time, man is commanding himself to be and to possess that which he is conscious of being and possessing.

the Bibles are psychological dramas representing the consciousness of man;
When man sees the Bible as a great psychological drama, with all of its characters and actors as the personified qualities and attributes of his own consciousness, then – and then only – will the Bible reveal to him the light of its symbology.
This Lord God, creator of heaven and earth, is discovered to be man’s awareness of being.

To name a few: “I AM hath sent me unto you” [Exodus 3:14]. “Be still and know that I AM God” [Psalm 46:10]. “I AM the door” [“I am the door: by Me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture”, John 10:9;

If man would give up his belief in a God apart from himself, recognize his awareness of being to be God, he would transform his world from a barren waste to a fertile field of his own liking.
his unconditioned consciousness of being is greater than his conditioned state or his conception of himself.

Turn from the blindness of the uninitiated man who attempts to express and possess those qualities and things which he is not conscious of being and possessing; Consciously claim yourself to be that which you seek; appropriate the consciousness of that which you see; and you too will know the status of the true mystic, as follows:
I became conscious of being it. I am still conscious of being it. And I shall continue to be conscious of being it until that which I am conscious of being is perfectly expressed.