Finish - Give Yourself the Gift of Done

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

I was afraid it might be a bit "cheesy", but the book is actually good.
Short, personal. Good advices and good to read for your own accomplishments.

INTRODUCTION - The Wrong Ghost

I thought the biggest problem for people was the phantom of fear that prevented them from beginning.
Fear was the ghost holding them back and starting was the only way to beat it.
I was half right.
"I’ve started a million things, but I never finish them. How do I finish?"

What was astonishing to me is The less that people aimed for perfect, the more productive they became.
It turns out that trying harder isn’t the answer.
If you want to finish, you’ve got to do all that you can to get rid of your perfectionism right out of the gate. You’ve got to have fun, cut your goal in half.

CHAPTER 1 - The Day After Perfect

"Well begun is half done".
“Sometimes you have to jump off the cliff and grow your wings on the way down.”

Once the streak is broken, I can’t pick it back up. My record is no longer perfect so I quit altogether.
“When it stopped being perfect, I stopped, too.”
You were too busy to write one morning and so you put your unfinished book back on the shelf.
You lost one receipt and then gave up on your entire budget for the month.

I asked a thousand people in an online poll if they had ever refused to even write down an idea because they judged it as not good enough. More than 97 percent of the participants said they had done that.
It crushes me to break this to you, but you will fail. Maybe a lot. That’s OK.

“I’ve had a single French fry, might as well eat a thousand.”

Do you know the biggest day for people to drop out of the 30 Days of Hustle goal-setting course? Most people guess Day 23 or Day 15, but that’s not even close.
Day 2 is when I see the largest drop-off.
Because imperfection doesn’t take long to show up.

That’s why the day after perfect is so important.
The day after perfect is what separates finishers from starters.
Moving forward imperfectly.
People think the opposite of perfectionism is failure. It’s not. The opposite is finished.

One is marked FINISHED and leads to untold adventures, opportunities, and stories. One is marked PERFECTIONISM and leads to a solid brick wall of frustration, shame, and incomplete hopes.

The moment you create that goal, you’ve made a silent promise. When you don’t finish it, you’ve broken that promise. You’ve lied to the person you spend the most time with. You.
If you quit enough times, quitting is no longer just a possibility when you start a new goal, it’s your identity, and that feels terrible.
Conversely, finishing something you care about is the best feeling in the world.

The problem is that perfectionism magnifies your mistakes and minimizes your progress.

“I start with the belief that I could do something. Then I get all excited and start dreaming. At first I feel confident and like I know what I am doing. Then my dreams get big. Then I want perfection. Then all of a sudden I feel inadequate to do the job because I don’t know how to do it at that level. Then the dreams die and the goal is forgotten. The best part is most of the time all that I mentioned above is mental. I never actually started anything.”