The Privileged Poor - How Elite Colleges Are Failing Disadvantaged Students

How much do I want to read more? 6/10

It seems to be a story about a black and poor person being privilieged to access an elite school. Then this person tells the "inside story" of how it is.
I didn't read enough to get the atmosphere. It's rather slow to get to the point. But the book is short. I may read on to see how it develops.
I an intrigued to see what's the author's point. Why colleges are failing disadvantaged students? Does it means the "privileged poor" are not meant to succeed as their peers?
This book seems like saying huge efforts have been made to brings diversity in College, but it's still not sufficient.


My hasty conclusion that afternoon was reasonable. Higher education in America is highly unequal and disturbingly stratified. Youth from poor families of all races, but especially those from black and Latino families, are less likely to go to college than their wealthy peers.
those with incomes of more than $630,000 a year—are 77 times more likely to attend an Ivy League college than are students from families that make $30,000 or less a year.

schools began to create financial aid packages to help recruit and then support academically gifted applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds. Princeton University, Stanford University, MIT…

Who are the students admitted to college under these new financial aid regimes? And what happens to them when they arrive on campus? Now that they have gained access to an elite institution, how do they make a home in its hallowed halls?

I was not the only poor black kid on campus. And I was not the only one who had already been granted access to experiences and places beyond what my family could afford or even knew about. My classmate and I were not as different as I had thought. We were both poor. And privileged.