How much do I want to read more? 8/10

A powerful message. A spiritual paradigm.
It reads like something I wish I always have at the back of my mind.



Having laid the foundation that a change of consciousness is essential to bring about any change of expression, this book explains to the reader a dozen different ways to bring about such a change of consciousness.
The revelation it contains, if applied, will set you free.


you are God conditioned as man.
All that you believe God to be, you are;
spirit and matter,
the formless and the formed,
the creator and the creation,
the cause and the effect,
your Father and you are one.
This one, in whom all conditioned states live and move, and have their being, is your I AM, your unconditioned consciousness.

I AM aware of being man, but I need not be man to be aware of being. Before I became aware of being someone, I, unconditioned awareness, was aware of being, and this awareness does not depend upon being someone. I AM self-existent, unconditioned consciousness; I became aware of being someone; and I shall become aware of being someone other than this that I am now aware of being; but I AM eternally aware of being whether I am unconditioned formlessness or I am conditioned form.

As the conditioned state, I (man), might forget who I am, or where I am, but I cannot forget that I AM. This knowing that I AM, this awareness of being, is the only reality.

This unconditioned consciousness, the I AM, is that knowing reality in whom all conditioned states – conceptions of myself – begin and end, but which ever remains the unknown knowing being when all the known ceases to be.

All that I have ever believed myself to be, all that I now believe myself to be, and all that I shall ever believe myself to be, are but attempts to know myself – the unknown, undefined reality.

This unknown knowing one, or unconditioned consciousness, is my true being, the one and only reality. I AM the unconditioned reality conditioned as that which I believe myself to be. I AM the believer limited by my beliefs, the knower defined by the known.
The world is my conditioned consciousness objectified.
That which I feel and believe to be true of myself is now projected in space as my world.

The world – my mirrored self – ever bears witness of the state of consciousness in which I live.

Man everlastingly objectifies the state of consciousness in which he abides but he has become confused in the interpretation of the law of cause and effect.
He has forgotten that it is the inner state which is the cause of the outer manifestation – “As within, so without”. and in his forgetfulness he believes that an outside God has his own peculiar reason for doing things.
One day man will realize that his own I AM-ness is the God he has been seeking throughout the ages, and that his own sense of awareness – his consciousness of being – is the one and only reality.

The most difficult thing for man to really grasp is this: That the “I AM-ness” in himself is God. It is his true being or Father state, the only state he can be sure of. The Son, his conception of himself, is an illusion. He always knows that he IS, but that which he is, is an illusion created by himself (the Father) in an attempt at self-definition.

my consciousness is the one and only entrance into the world of expression; that by assuming the consciousness of being or possessing the thing which I desire to be or possess is the only way by which I can become it or possess it; that any attempt to express this desirable state in ways other than by assuming the consciousness of being or possessing it, is to be robbed of the joy of expression and possession.

That which you are conscious of being is that which you have named God. God and man are one. You and your Father are one.
Your unconditioned consciousness, or I AM, and that which you are conscious of being, are one.
The conceiver and the conception are one. If your conception of yourself is less than that which you claim as true of God, you have robbed God.
Name God by consciously defining yourself as your highest ideal.