The Monkey Theory: Conquer Your Mental Chatter

How much do I want to read more? 7/10

This is a short book. A bit simplistic. About a profound topic.
Still, I'm curious to read on about the author particular view on it.


everything boils down to how you handle your idle time.
what your mind tells you in your free time, defines your complete story.
Dhoni’s biggest quality is that he is not afraid of anything and when you are not afraid, these negative voices cannot disturb you.


my first book—Think and Win Like Dhoni: I only wanted to learn from him and emulate him.
I wanted to be more than a computer engineer. I wanted to pursue my dreams, grow as an individual.
After reading all that was available on Dhoni in books, magazines and the internet, I finally wanted to meet him.
His walk, his talk, the way he carried himself, the way he attentively listened to me, even though I was then a nobody—all of it was overwhelming. He had ‘winner’ written all over him.

My experience was so mind-blowing that I could not keep it to myself.
I had to tell people what made him that. To decode Mahi was my goal.
Much of Think and Win like Dhoni dealt with staying calm under pressure, being disciplined and not losing one’s cool.

Our choices change, our moods swing. Why does it happen?
Buddha held that the human mind was filled with monkeys flinging themselves from tree branches, jumping around, and chattering nonstop. He meant that our minds were in constant motion. like dozens of monkeys, all clamouring for attention.

Meet the Monkeys

Understanding the Monkeys Better

Your attention is the monkey that keeps swinging from one thought-branch to the other. Your attention, that is, the monkey in your head, confuses you by swinging from branch to branch within a fraction of a second. It can quickly induce fear, anger, love, jealousy and bring your ego into any situation.
Quite literally, we are swinging from one thought-branch to another.

One way to cope with this is to understand that there is a difference between us and our thoughts. Seriously, you are not your thoughts. You are more, much, much more.