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Nice parallel to present yourself as a product.
Nice illustrations.
Yet, everything is so basic. There's not much to be learned in there.


chapter 1 - Business Model Thinking: Adapting to a Changing World

Why Business Model Thinking Is the Best Way For You to Adapt to a Changing World?

a business model is the logic by which an organization sustains itself financially.
Our approach, however, asks you to consider yourself a one-person business.

Because they can’t change the environment they operate in, companies must change their business models.
As it turns out, these new business models them- selves disrupt and cause change. That creates new opportunities for some workers and unemployment for others.

People Must Change, Too
Once you see how a business model applies to where you work now — and where you fit within that model — you’ll be able to use the same powerful way of thinking to define, sharpen, and grow your own career.

chapter 2 - The Business Model Canvas

  1. Who is the Customer?
  2. What job does the Customer need to have done?

The Nine Building Blocks


Customers are the reason for an organization’s existence.
Some organizations serve both paying and non-paying Customers. Most Facebook users, for example, pay Facebook nothing for its services. Yet without hundreds of millions of non-paying Customers, Facebook would have nothing to sell to advertisers or market researchers. Therefore, non-paying Customers may be essential to a business model’s success.

Value Provided

“bundles” of services or products. The ability to provide exceptional Value is the key reason why Customers select one organization over another.


  1. Create awareness of services or products
  2. Help potential Customers evaluate products or services 3. Enable Customers to purchase
  3. Deliver Value to Customers
  4. Ensure post-purchase satisfaction through support

Typical channels include:

Customer Relationships

to acquire new Customers? Retain existing Customers? Or derive more Revenue from existing Customers?
in the early days of mobile communications, cell phone companies focused on acquiring Customers, using aggressive tactics such as offering free phones. When the market matured, they changed their focus to retaining Customers and increasing average Revenue per Customer.


Key Resources

Key Activities

Key Partners

most organizations outsource payroll.
A wedding gown rental firm, a florist, and a photographer, for example, might share their Customer lists.


Once developed, a software program can be reproduced and distributed at low cost.

chapter 3 - The Personal Business Model Canvas

the Key Resource is you: your interests, skills and abilities, personality, and the assets you own or control.