How much do I want to read more? 6/10

This book looks very complete. And can be useful to get insights about entrepreneur.
However it sounds "academic" to me, the style is pretty boring.
It's like getting to know the cold mechanism, without the "haha" moment, the essence of the journey.

CHAPTER 1 - NEEDED - An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Uncertainty becomes your ally instead of your enemy.

successful entrepreneurs are action-oriented.
becoming an entrepreneurial leader is learning to simplify complexity.

They capitalize on uncertainty rather than avoid it, they create simplicity where others see complexity, and they embrace the learning that comes from taking calculated risks.
it is sometimes more expensive to be slow than to be wrong. As a consequence, they will find solutions that are “roughly right” rather than consume time developing an analytically correct, but slow, answer.

Habitual entrepreneurs have five characteristics in common.

  1. They passionately seek new opportunities. entrepreneurs stay alert, always looking for the chance to profit from change and disruption in the way business is done.
  2. They pursue opportunities. They make sure that they act on them.
  3. They pursue only the very best opportunities and avoid exhausting themselve by chasing after every option.
  4. They focus on execution. they get on with it instead of analyzing new ideas to death.
  5. They engage the energies of everyone in their domain. They create and sustain networks of relationships rather than going it alone.


YOUR FIRST OBJECTIVE IN CREATING AN ENTREPRENEURIAL mindset is to make sure that you have clearly established what your business needs to do to make the effort worthwhile. You must create a mindset that pushes you and your team beyond mere incremental improvement to entrepreneurial actions that really make a difference.
It may sound obvious, but stop right now and think about whether you and your co-workers are truly clear.