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“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”

-- Foster C. McClellan

Our research shows that a lack of focus is still one of the biggest factors causing these hardships.
It takes a real commitment to create positive transformation. That’s why more than 90 percent of people who attend short-term seminars see no improvement in their lives. They don’t take the time to implement what they learn and all of their notes usually end up collecting dust.

Focusing strategy 1 - Your habits will determine your future

“A habit is a cable; we weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it.”

-- Horace Mann

Story: He didn't finish school and aimlessly drifted from one part-time job to the next. Then he said: "no more"
"I brought this on myself through years of making bad choices."
"Never again. I want a life"
First, he enrolled in a fitness program. One of his goal was to win a t-shirt for completing the twelve sessions. He did it.
Three years later, he was teaching aerobic. The momentum was building.
Now his company is a multimillion dollar entreprise.
By deciding to make better choices and create better habits, Brent turned his life around. From zero to hero.

Life doesn't just happen to you. It's all about choices and how you respond to every situation.

How habits really work

A habit is something you do so often it becomes easy. It's a behavior you keep repeating.

Your habits will determine your quality of life

The more you learn about yourself - how you think, how you feel, what your true purpose is, and how you want to live, the more your life will flow.

It is higher level of awareness that determines your daily quality of life (not just hard working).
(see chapter 10)

The results of your bad habits usually don't show up until much later in life

Many people life their lives for immediate gratification. They buy things.

If you want to enjoy longevity, you must have healthy habits. Practicing good nutrition, exercising and studying longevity play a major role here.
The reality? Most of the population in the Western world is overweight, under-exercised and undernourished.

here’s some really good news:

JACK: Personally, my best new habit is getting more sleep.
The other big habit is, I’m networking more than I used to. I was so tied up reading to expand my knowledge base and doing searches on the internet that I wasn’t building my relationships. If you don’t talk to people, you don’t have any kind of ability to deepen the relationship. If you continuously nurture your most important relationships, then when you need something, they’re willing to help you because you’re not just calling them only when you need them.
Another essential business habit in today’s world is for people to become better storytellers.

Developing successful habits takes time

What you’ll find is, that after twenty-one to thirty experiences with a new habit, it’s harder not to do it than to do it.

people with a long history of low self-esteem won’t transform themselves into highly confident individuals, ready to take on the world, in twenty-one days. It may take a year or more to develop positive belief systems.

The new habit may not be strong enough to resist these circumstances (stress, crisis), resulting slipping back into your old patterns.

Imagine if you only changed four habits every year. Five years from now you would have twenty positive new habits. Now, here’s the thing—would twenty positive new habits make a difference in your results? Of course. Twenty successful habits can bring you all the money you want or need, wonderful loving relationships, a healthier and more energized physical body, plus all sorts of new opportunities.

Up to 47 percent of our everyday behavior is habitual

LES: I remember losing my keys on a regular basis. At the end of the day I’d park the car in the garage, march into the house and toss my keys anywhere they happened to land.
The solution to this recurring problem was simple. One day I nailed a block of wood to the wall facing the garage door. It had two hooks on it and a large label that said, “keys.”
The next evening I came home, strode past my new parking spot for the keys, and tossed them in some remote corner of the room.
It took me almost thirty days.
there are hundreds of things you do the same way. From morning to night.
Here’s the point: Your everyday normal behavior has a lot to do with the results in your life.


you can create an entirely new way of doing things.

How to IDENTIFY Bad Habits

Block off an hour so you can really think through this process.

If you talk to ten people and eight of them say you never respond to important emails on time, pay attention. Remember this—your outward behavior is the truth, whereas your inner perception of your behavior is often an illusion.

Your habits and belief systems are a product of your environment

Abusive environments often produce feelings of unworthiness and a lack of confidence, not to mention fear.
An excellent coach, teacher, therapist, mentor or positive role model can dramatically impact your future. The only prerequisite is that you must commit to change. When you are ready to do so, the right people will start showing up to help you.