How much do I want to read more? 8/10

I was a bit skeptical at first. And thought this book may be just about health problem.
But I actually like the author's approach that was nothing but a revelation to him. The implications are huge.
The mind can do so much more than what we are used to. Some can envision a future success so real that it becomes so. Or to change the alchemy in your body and heal what would usually requires surgery.
The key is how to do it with your mind. It requires awareness, presence, sensivity, imagination. No tools, no medicine, no magic staff. It just requires you to work with your mind in sync with your body.
Overall, the secret underneath is always about the thoughts. What you think all day not only can make you happy or sad, successful in your life or a failure, but your thoughts can also make you sick or healthy.


You, and every other human being, are shaping your brain and body by the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the intentions you hold.

-- Dawson Church, Ph.D.


Against the advice of my medical team, I left the hospital. to focus on my healing. I was on a mission. I decided that I would begin every day reconstructing my spine.
Just as in any relationship we have with anybody. consciousness is awareness, awareness is paying attention, and paying attention is being present and noticing.
this consciousness would be aware of when I was present and when I wasn’t. I would have to be totally present when I interacted with this mind;

So for two hours twice a day, I went within and began creating a picture of my intended result: a totally healed spine.
after six weeks of battling with myself, I was able to make it through my inward reconstruction process without having to stop and start over from the beginning. I remember the day I did it for the first time: It was like hitting a tennis ball on the sweet spot. There was something right about it. It clicked.

our conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings are the very blueprints that control our destiny.

scientists come in with their equipment to measure brain changes, changes in heart function, changes in genetic expression, and energetic changes in real time. The results are nothing short of astounding, and they form the basis of this book.


how people can take a sugar pill, and then their belief in something outside of themselves makes them get better.
I began to ask myself, “What if people begin to believe in themselves instead of in something outside of themselves?