How much do I want to read more? 8/10

Key idea: Everybody has a hierarchy of values. The more you think, breathe and act by your highest values, the most fulfilled you'll live.
I myself got fooled and oppressed with following what I should be doing vs what I really wanted (study, work, marriage)
The ideas are good, but the author style is verbose and lacks of concision, with lots of repetitions.
When you think about the best, most exciting moments in your life, and wish you always live this way, it's just what the author is promising to be possible.

This sentence from the book sums up the author's philosophy:
"How can you be yourself unless you know who you are? And how can you love yourself unless you are truly yourself, living your life according to your own highest values? Know yourself and your highest values; live authentically based on those values; and love yourself for being a unique creature unlike any other in the universe."

What Is the Values Factor?

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.


The trap is the vague sense that you’re living a quiet life of desperation.
What if you are living according to your own highest values, but you’re not completely aware of those values, nor appreciating what they actually are? If so, you’re not able to experience the full rewards of your daily efforts. Our highest values are the key to helping us define and meet our goals. They alert us to opportunities we might otherwise have missed.
That is why I say that determining your highest values is one of the most important actions you could ever take.


when you’re doing something you love, you don’t think of it in terms of discipline. Fulfilling your purpose is so rewarding, you just can’t wait to get out there and do it.
That’s how I feel about my life: I can’t wait to get up each day to research, write, travel, and teach. The teaching I do, the books I write, the research I conduct, and the travel I undertake are the most inspiring and satisfying activities I can envision.
My life has blossomed because I live according to my highest values—researching, writing, traveling, and teaching—and I set my goals and intentions accordingly.


When you actually begin to take the high-priority actions that are truly most meaningful to you, your self-worth and self-confidence increase, making you feel as though you can overcome any impediment that seems to block your chosen path.

everybody has a hierarchy of values. And when you live according to your highest values, that’s when you liberate the most authentic you, the most empowered you, the most inspired you, and the most creative you. Living according to your highest values is the secret to living an inspired and fulfilling life.


the values that each person held, as well as the voids, apparent lacks, or challenges that he or she had experienced.
Not only living by one's highest values, but being aware of them.


honesty, integrity, trust are social idealisms; But they don’t necessarily reflect the true driving force that shapes your perceptions, decisions, actions, and feelings.

People should be honest.
Treat others the way you want them to treat you.
A good person goes to church, synagogue, mosque, or temple.
An “evolved” person is always generous or altruistic.

True values, by contrast, are as specific to you as your fingerprint, your retinal pattern, and your voiceprint.
Perhaps what you truly value most is spending time with your family, listening to beautiful music, and the chance to play basketball several times a week. Or perhaps you value stylish clothes, nursing injured animals back to health, or expanding your enterprise’s global reach.
Your highest values may change throughout your life—most people’s do—but they are still the very essence of you: what you’re drawn to, what you inevitably seek out, what you live for. They are a kind of internal compass, pointing you toward the activities, people, and places that most fulfill you.

Only you can look into your own mind, heart, and soul and discover what is truly most important to you.
Of course, you may find some similarities between your values and those of others. For example, both you and another person may love learning. But one of you may love to learn facts and figures, while the other revels in mastering profound philosophic concepts.
even when two sets of values seem to be similar, one person’s values will never be quite like anybody else’s.

If you and another person had exactly the same values, one of you would not be necessary! The world needs many different individuals, each with a unique set of values. Your unique purpose is to understand and fulfill your highest values. It is both a spiritual quest and the key to a fulfilling life.

This is why I suggest that you focus on your own personal journey of self-discovery.
Ex: saving vs spending, working late vs returning home early.

People will naturally act in accordance with their own true highest values—spending money on what they truly value, spending time in ways that reflect what is most important to them. However, if they believe they should follow the values of another—they will likely experience frustration.

here’s an important clue: anytime you find yourself saying, “I should…,” “I need to…,” or “I really must…,” you can be pretty certain that you are talking about social idealisms or the values of some external authority instead of expressing your own true highest values. When you hear yourself saying, “I desire to…,” “I choose to…,” or “I love to…,” then you know that you are talking about a goal that is truly valuable to you.


The perception of lack or void creates a corresponding value that drives us until we feel fulfilled.

they were the essential voids that shaped my highest values. Because I had been previously blocked in my learning, I valued knowledge. Because I had been unable to communicate, I valued teaching and writing. Because I had felt trapped, I valued travel. And so I discovered this key principle: perceived voids create values. What you perceive as lacking—and want more of—determines what you value.

Significantly, this is a never-ending process. When one void is filled, another opens up, spurring you to new efforts—and new values.


If there is something that you believe you would love to have in your life, the reason you don’t yet have it in that particular form is almost certainly that you don’t truly value it enough. There is something else you value more, and that is where your energy, time, money, and focus have gone, whether you are aware of it or not.

Your highest values determine your attention, retention, and intention: what you notice, what you remember, and what you intend or act upon.
all of us have some degree of Attention Deficit Disorder for the things we don’t value.
a fabulous job of filtering your perceptions.


Knowing your highest values vastly increases your patience and perseverance.

Likewise, the Values Factor builds your integrity. Whenever you set goals that align with your highest value, you have true integrity: your words, tone, and actions all add up to one clear, unified purpose.

You find yourself confident in the path that you choose to take and are inspired to lead others.

If you genuinely want to achieve a goal and find yourself unable to do so, you have another option: find a way to link your goal to your highest values.


With what do you fill your home and work space? What occupies your time? What energizes you? Where do you spend your money? What do you talk about and think about? In which areas of your life are you most focused and organized? What inspires you? What are your most consistent long-term goals? What do you love to research and explore?

2/ Identifying Your Values

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

-- Confucius

a process that could well be one of the most important actions you ever take.
know thyself, be thyself, love thyself. How can you be yourself unless you know who you are? And how can you love yourself unless you are truly yourself, living your life according to your own highest values? Know yourself and your highest values; live authentically based on those values; and love yourself for being a unique creature unlike any other in the universe.

If identifying your highest values is most important, setting goals and intentions according to these highest values comes second.