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Awsome content. Life-changing. Lots of wisdom and insights.
There are lots of instances of the word "f**k" in his language. But I guess it's his way to be more dynamic and impactful.
This guy has also a good sense of humor. I had a great laugh.

Why should you rather die than miss a day to the gym


will smith: you can be better than me on any way, but you will not beat me on the treadmill
He runs until he's dead.
When you say I'd rather die, there's no other possibilities. à% chance of missing.
There is never a convenient time for me to go to the gym.
If i don't have that mindset, my rational mind will set my goal down.
If I fail at that goal, I will fail at my larger goal.
Everything is a practice for the big show.
Everything you're doing today is the material for your future success.
Do you think I can manage a & million company right now? No, or I would have already done it.
Consistency is the key.
Your mind will trick you. You are your worst enemy.
Once I've ,ade ,y choice that it's for my best interest, then I'm gonna do it. (ex: to go out everyday and improve my public speaking)
I', tired to do it. I dno't want to do it. I have millions of reasons not to do it.
But I think about if I do this, I follow my dreams.
I could do this or that easier things, yes I could.
If you can't move your lazy ass, you can't do anything.
If you work at McDonald's and can't make this shitty job, what makes you think that once you get CEO of a fortune 500 company, magically, you can do a good job at it? You're not.
It's cultivated over time.
You never have to work hard, you can always stop. You are your wost enemy.
If I decided that the big picture decision isn't my goal anymore, then stopping is fine.
Talent is overrated. It's a shit.
Some are naturals at public speaking or writting. Yet, they don't execute. They never tqke the time to do those little things to build themselves up. They wait to be put on. Nobody's gonna put you on. They think someone will notice them and put them on. No one is coming.
If you have a gift and want to respect it, by cultivating it, then you make the decision to cultivate it. To push that up there. You have to execute those micro tasks that add up.
And when your brain tell you that you have great reasons not to do it (your brain doesn't give a fuck about your dreams, he just want you to make kids so life can goes on, that's it). He's gonna lie to you, he's gonna trick you. And you'd have to be consistent.
You've got to cultivate the love of the process.
You got to make a decision to love the process.
I have to challenge myself to be creative, not to get bored, to laught, to be present. I challenge myself for small tasks. I trained myself to love meaningful looking little tasks.
I also trained myself to self)punish when I failed to execute.
For example, if I see a beautiful woman I can't get my eyes off her. And then shee look back at me. Do I stay like this, like I'm the fucking pervert lurking at your ass, do you want to have sex with me? Is this gonna work?
I open myself and engqge.

If I miss the gym in the morning, I will do it even after bootcamp that I'm even more destroyed.
If you lack of sleep, is it a problem to go to the gym at §am? No because you have cortizone.
The next day, I'm even more fucked up because of lack of sleep; you think I'm gonna miss the gym next time?
I would think: that fucking suck, I really dont want to go through it ever again.
I'm scared of myself. I'm scared of my own self-punishment. Fuck I'm going now because I know If I don't I'll go through hell agin.

You have to align every part of yourself toward the goal.
You have different personalities.
Your higher self: I want my life to the top, I want to contribute to the world. I want to be a better person.
The middle level self: You just want to have security for you and your family.
You want to see all those lined up.
Your goal should make you contribute to the world, bring you security (we're not living in a cave)
Then if you feel like you don't have what it takes to make, not smart enough, not the relation, not the skills
(your higher self won't think like that, but the problem is we fluctuate between the three, so there are moments you will think this way)
We have to acknowledge we have all those different levels. You want to angle everything in going in our favor so that all those behavior we have are lined up toward reach that goal.

Life is a journey. Baghita. Arjuna. He has to fight a war. He's being harrassed by God Krishna.
Two path to enlightenment: one throught contemplation, one through action.
If you go to the cave, you value your set of mind.
Action with the foundation of inner-game concept is the key. Being introspective. Keeping in mind the context where that action is taking you.

When people aren't taking action, their way of navigating reality becomes stuck in their head. They've got all those values and principles, this idea of how life should be. They're not based on reality.
Ex: communism. Not bad in theory. Love each other, everyone get paid the same. You don't have to work sometime.
In practice, it's the dumbest shit ever invented. Ruining the lives of millions of people.

Same with busines owner if they don't take action: "I just think…This is how it should be".
Based on some ideas up in their head.
What's interesting in taking action, is you keep getting hammered over and over again. You keep bumbin into walls.
Whatever your journey is, to pass those walls, you need to be grounded in reality than you were.
You have to shift your paradigms. You got to switch the lens from which you see the world around.
By doing this, you're peeling away the layers of dellusion qbout how the world works, and getting closer and closer to reality.
As you go through pain, different thorns and low level of thinking are stripped away from you.

Shifting paradigm from "getting stuff" to "the person I can become in the process, and embody those charactiristics"
I have to get to the paradigm where I enjoy the creativity itself. My love should come from that awareness that I'm on the right path.

Some people use their free time for a barvecue, going to bar, watch sport or whatever, but in my paradigm, I need to rest to let my neurotransmitters recharge so I can come back strong.
Those talk show has harsh for my voice, but I love it because in the process I'm getting better.

Now I feel the pain of not being at my best. Like a fucking dagger into me.
My voice may be tired but I want to rock my show and not disappoint
I want to kill for the students. I want to kill.

The goal at the end of the journey gives you a direction but in the journey it changes your state of mind.
You get into a habit of a different state of mind.

When I see people getting pissed off by shitty job. Like "People don't respect me". I'm like wow. It's shocking to me. or "I tried this thing and it didn't produce the results I wanted right now".

The journey grounds you to the reality, it's what helps you to be present in the moment.
Because you got not to surrender.
Because the journey is gonna kill you. it's gonna take the person you are and it's gonna kill it.
It's gonna make you have to transform. You need to have to kill many things step by step.

Very powerful when you decide to play that high level state of mind. I love it.

People reaching success get numb to everything and depressed. They have it all, they know it all, what's left?
So they need a shift of paradigm. The love comes from creativity. The love comes from the flow state you have, from the state of mind you have. From a sharper perception of reality. A different depth and context to everything.
This is my passion, this is why I wake up in the morning.

Motivation is an art. And to play it at the level of the big boys, you go deep.
What I'm saying here didn't come overnight. That's from decades of motivation.
I could talk all day about where it comes from.
It's all things that crossed my mind for years and years.
From having been broke, from suffering, from humiliation.
Nobody want you to succeed, only your mum. Not even, because you won't have time to call back.
No one is gonna do it but you.
Nobody. Nobody but you. No one is coming.

When you're a little kid, you gat sympathy from grown up: how cute. Here's a gift for you.

So if you have a dream and you're inspired by that dream. Then, you can choose to go get that level of motivation. These are mine. I don't teach motivation.
Because if I want to teach motivation, I need to get what's in the head of the mass.
And I think it's ok if not everyone is motivated.
Society needs all kind of range of people.
If you're ahppy with who you are and don't give a fuck with all this shit, that's fine.
But when you decide to go to that level. You burn the boats. There's no way going back. You're going to win or you're going to die.
I burned to boats many years ago. Like a motherfucker.
If could have climbed the ladder of the corporate world.
I choose to invest my time and energy into dreaming big.
I've laid the foundations where if I get lucky, crazy shit can happen. I can seize it when it happens. I won(t miss like before.
When you don't want it for yourself but for others, your intention is different, you're more likely to have it.

You go deeper and deeper as time goes on to find that inspiration.
You become unidentified with what you're doing.
You realize that you is not even you (I know it's a kind of weird statement)
Your self-image is not really you. You're this little wave on the ocean that dissipate. You're just this brief moment in time.
And you have this desire to see something float of you, stronger than anything.

Your life changes in profound ways.
It's something that can happen. If you want to go to that level.
There's no price too great for me.
I would die for my dreams.
I'm going to risk it.
There's no amount that I don't want to go.
I don't relate to people who don't have that.
You can accomplish anything you want. If you want to do it.
What you think you are is not what you are.
You become something else.
If you goal is to be tiredless, you go to that point where you defy the laws of human being, because you become something else. You embody it. You have God on your side. It's not you anymore. That's a fucking deeper level.
It might sounds insane.
To most of people it's nonsense.

Every success is the preparation of getting lucky. Everyone get lucky opportunities. When they come you need to seize them.
Shit that most people call unlucky I call lucky.
Things that fuck me over. It's like a seed growing.
I also got a ton of luck with inspiring people. But that's funny how those people are likely to help you when you get inspired yourself.
If you go like: "Hey man my name is Owen, I just want to learn this so bad, because, it would really help me. could you help me?"
I'm not like that, there's a greater purpose.
People can feel if you're legit and truely inspired. So they feel that they can help me, and whatever energy they put into me, that can translate into a big thing.

So if you can't do small little tasks, like going to the gym. what the fuck are you doing?
Little things add up.

Success is like a quiet daily set of tasks. Really small.
Like the manager pumping up his team. It's cool but for me it's not what success is.
For me success is that quiet walk to the gym.
Recording myself and looping over and over to see what I can improve.
Studying other great people. And making a parallel with me.
Meditation everyday.
Eating food that enhence my well-being.
Choosing to do a bootcamp eventhough there are three students.

It's a very quiet process, doing over and over again.
Simple little tasks. But finding love in those little tasks.
It's not a "rara" thing like one big thing and that's it you made it. You ade one thing and big things happen. No no no.

So when I was working on my business people would ask me how I would make it really big. I was saying, I'm working on a DVD. Then yes, good, but how are you going to make it really really big? And me: I'm working on a forum. But how are you going to scale big?
How? I just foccused on one, é or " little things at a time, and I do it. And then I do the next thing.
I see the whole picture fucking hard of course. But I put my focus on those small things.
Also, I don't give a fuck about networking. I'm not in the mindset of getting put on.
I see it this way: what are these people going to do for me? cleaning my shit?
I tried to keep my social network small.
The friends that I have are just the friends that I enjoy talking to.
I don't care about having a high status or shit.
Most people would be surprised about my friends. They're just people who like to crack jokes, fun stuff.
Because if I'm going to take time off to unplug, I'd prefer just to crack jokes to relax. I don't care about high status friend that would put me on.
I'm not trying to meet Tony Robbins.
What's Tonny gonna do?
What he's gonna do for me? No one's gonna put you on.
You have to put yourself on.
You just do your small tasks. And do it.
But nobody want to hear that.
When people go to networking things, they feel like they're getting ahead.
Take Hollywood. Girls want to become actresses. They go to clubs, take drugs, and think they're networking with people. But they always get fucked.

When you see those people who had success, you think you're moving ahead. It's an illusion.
More than ever on the age of Internet. You can put the stuff you want. You have self-control.

Quiet actions. Getting rid of all what's un-necessary.
In my emails, I get tons of offer people would kill for: "do you want to do this, do that?". I don't even respond or see them. It's a distraction. From those little things that move you forward.
There aren't so many things a human mind can focus on.
Tv, Facebook…. there's too much things going on in our lives. Just focus on one small thing at a time. Keep it simple. Keep everything practical.

A lot of success is learning to decline shits.
Say you take a thing that you think is really cool, but at the end it's just a distraction because of the so many worries and little time it will drain you from.
You have to be fucking humble.
Talent is overrated. You can have talent, you can not have talent. It's the execution.
Maybe you should figure out and cultivate your gifts. But basically, ultimately, you have to be an executor.
That's what gonna make you successful. Not talent, not to be put on. People do not want to hear it.
Philosophy of personal responsibility.
To find that discipline in myself. Go do that shit everyday.