Day 4 - Find your purpose


Mel Robbins

You should chase what energizes you.
Whatever energizes you naturally expands you.

It's not a person, a place or a thing.
It is the feeling of being expanded.

Think this way: What can I do today that would energize me?

Billionaire are all energized with making their fist million. But then? They have to move on somthing else.

Steve Jobs

Because it's so hard, if you don't have passion, any rational person would give up.
Moreover you have to do it for a sustainable period of time.
If you don't really love it, you'll necessarely give up. And that's what happen to most people.

Jeff Bezos

Passions are gifts we all have.
You don't have to choose your passion, they pick you. But you have to be alert to them. You have to be looking for them.
When you find your passion it's a fantastic gift for you because it gives you direction, purpose.

Simon Sinek

Where does passion comes from?
Passion is the result. It's an energy. It's the feeling you have when you're engaged in something taht you love.
So much so that you would do this for free.
Some believe that passion is something you do in your private life, not in your work.
I'm a firm believer that your are who you are.
If you're different at home and at work, then you're lying.
The goal is to make everything you do, at home and at work, with excitement.
How to find what you're excited to do?
Ask the question yourself: what would you do for free. What do you love to do.

Ex: I love arts. I spend money to go to museum, to see dancers. I'm fascinated to see how different artist see the world.
Does that mean I should have a career in Arts? No. I just need to have a career where new ideas are explored. Where people are experiementing and trying things out.
And I am just as excited to go to work everyday as I am, to go and do something on the week-end.

Finding your passion is ironically simple because obviously you should be doing stuff that you enjoy.
Who are the people you love, and what do they have in common?

Ed Mylett

I think the biggest shift in our lives. That makes us the happiest is when someone helps us identify our natural giftedness.

Tom Bilyeu

To find your passion, you encounter a lot of stuff. sailing, dancing, neuro-science… very broad things.
From that, you'll get some sparks of interest. Dive deep those. Through actions, not thinking. You'll either be fascinated or not. If not, move on until you find.
Do I want to be the best in the world at that thing? If it is yes, then go through the path to Mastery.
When you frame it yourself, you get more lucid about the commitment and what it takes.

Jordan Peterson

There is no faith and courage and no sacrifice in doing what is expedient.
Whet do you say to people that don't pursue their dreams and are locked in their career because they are too afraid to take risks and pursue something meaningful.

It's normal to feel afraid of taking risk and pursue somethign meaningful.
But you should be more afraid of staying where you are if it's making you miserable.

Detach from this idea that you should have permanent security. Your security should be your ability to contend and adapt.
Same with children(?).
You're paying a price by sitting there being miserable.
It might be a luxury to pursue what makes you happy. But I'm not toalking about that. It's a moral obligation to pursue what you find meaningful.
It might require sacrifice.
You can't just say I don't like my job, I quit. Not a good strategy.
What you may have to do is: this job is killing my soul, what can I do about that? Maybe you need to educate yourself more To update your CV. To overcome your fear of being interviewed. To sharpen your social skills.
You have to switch career like a responsible intelligent person.

Gary Vaynerchuk

When you figure out who you are. You win.
If you're great at painting, paint.
The problem is most painter deal with the marketing side at the same time.
Figure out who you are. Become even greater than you naturally are at what you are.
People are too tied up to other's opinions. I only care about my opinions myself.
I care about what my surroundings think. Just not as much as I care about myself.
This is the slight difference that makes all the difference.
Most people care more about what others think more than what they think for themselves. They actually don't feel good about themselves.
It's easy for me to feel good about myself. Most of people don't care about themselves versus others is because they're doing things they don't life.
I promise you, if busy people get asked: "I just need 4 minutes of your time for the 1 question show. A lot more would say yes than: can you be on my podcast for 1 hour and an half."

Robin Sharma

A job is only a job if you see it as a job.
Why would you lose the opportunity to leverage what you do every day to grow your happiness, energy, to release more of your talent to the world, to allow you to help more people.
Why would you miss that opportunity by falling into the trap of a regular job. Going 9 to 5 to the coal mine every day.
Your work can be ordinary as long as you make a difference.
Some are the Elon Musk at their job.
What's important is how you view your job every day.
You could find gold in the most ordinary work. If you connect with that gold, you connect with the meaning, you connect with your talent, the best within you. You go to work every day being the shining star of world class. You become the Picasso of your Industry.
Eveything else takes care of itself.

Once you know your purpose you direction is clear. There will be no confusion.
There was a time in my life I didn't where I want to do, what I wanted to do. I had no idea what I was supposed to do.
My purpose was to take care of my family. I didn't want to take just any job out there.
I was sitting on the couch, thinking "everything's gonna be good". Then I was running out of money, trying to find milk for my kids.
I was missing my purpose. I was in confusion.
My wife said to me I need to get a job. I started a crappy job, sweeping the floor. I was feeling lower and lower. I was feeling miserable, thinking who I used to be.
All of a sudden, something happened. As I was sweeping, I realized I was doing something about my situation. Instead of sitting around, I was pro-active.
I was fulfilling my purpose. I was getting money for my family.
I was not going to just sit ever again. That was the turning point in my life.
When you have clarity in your purpose, you'd do anything to stay on the right path.

David Goggins

I'm not running away from myself - I used to - Now I'm constantly facing myself.
When you get to that point in your life where you're on a podcast, and you can say anything you want, you don't care about telling anything, even the one you should feel shameful for. That's when your life really begins. Your journey.
You no longer have to have a small victory to keep you going. You realised what your purpose in life is.
At first you need all those tactics to keep you going. Because you didn't figured it out yet.
It is your purpose and your race.
Once you've figured out why you're here, it just becomes a process.

Bob Proctor

I'm asking all over the world people this question: What it is you really want? Most people don't really want to be wealthy.
They just want not to have any financial concerns.
Second, they want to wake up in the morning being excited about their day.
Third, they want to mix with upbeat and creative people.

So, the first thing people should do is understanding why we have goals. Not just to set goals.
Most people sets goals operating with a limited level of consciousness.
"If I could get enough money, and this person to help me, then I could do this."
We're trading our life for our goals. Would you trade your life for a car, a house?
So it's gonna be something really meaningful.
And we're not taught to think this way.
We should sit down, and don't give any thought about how or where the money is going to come from.
Just to focus on what is it we want.
No one knows how to do things before it's done (top of the Everest, flying a plane…)
People should let their mind wander, and see what they really should be doing.

Lisa Nichols

Finding my quest is finding my own voice.
Finding the song that only you can sing.
Finding your rythm.
How can I live my life so that it become infectious to someone's else.
How to make my fingerprint so big that it lives beyond my transition day.
How can I forgive the perceivably unforgivable so I can love the absolute lovable.
How I give myself a one thousand second chances. And every time I get to 999, press reset. (Instead of pressing reset every time I reach 999).
It's not an untouchable experience. It's going back and healing the little child in me. So that the adult can be free.
It's not something you can't touch. It doesn't require a stage, lights and camera. It's being completely contempt with who you are in the dark of the night.
It's about giving yourself permission on a daily basis to become the next best version of yourself.
It's not blaming yourself, guilt, shame, regret, anger
It's recognizing every day that I can be reborn to my new possibilities.
It is as much internal and personal as it is public.
It's about recognizing that you have brillance in you. And not being to dim your light one more day.
It means not being afraid of the genius in you, even though you have doubts.
It's about recognizing that you can sing your song off tune. You've got to master imperfection to live in perfection. You get to live in perfaction while you master imperfection



"Honesty with myself" seems to be the one I was looking for.
So many awesomeness in there…


What is your strong why?

What are your gits that you need to get more in touch with?

How will you be more strategic with your actions?


Finding your purpose is not that difficult.
It's one of the most common question that I get.
You think about the time in your life where you felt the most worthless. Think about the time the lowest low that you've ever experienced.
You'll get the most fullfiled helping people who are currently going through the thing that you went through.
That moment you don't wish your family your friends your worse anemy to experience with.
Your greatest joy in life will come from helping people who are currently facing the most painful experience you had.
Helping people will never get old.
Helping people will never get tyring.

Put your goals ahead of your convenience

-- Evan Carmichael

Because I struggled so much as an Entrepreneur myself, I now do put my effort and spend my time helping others.
It's great helping entrepreneur to make from 1 to 2 millions. But it resonnate so much more to help those just getting started.
You don't have to chase and jump from one thing to another.
Chase rather energy.
Why then How: how am I going to help struggling entrepreneurs? Lots of way to do it. That will change, I chase energy switching the how.
Chasing energy within your why. Your same why with different how not to get bored, reinventing your how so magnify your why.
I started with my website. Then I experienced with Youtube. I loved that even more. I shut down my website. and hired a team to work on Youtube. That was where my energy was going.
I love making videos much more that writing content.
More recently my energy went to Instagram.
Because you can do live session. I can be coaching someone remotely and see them, unlike comments on youtube or blogs (your can't go deep there, the whole context, working back and forth)
Because usually the question people asks is rarely the one they have deep below. So true.
That's why I can help a lot more when I see them realtime, with people face reaction.
Instamgram live session alone made the difference.

You don't have to stumble through life chasing one thing and the next and the next.
When you have your clarity of purpose, it makes everythign so much easier.