Day 3 - Values


Simon Sinek

The infinite game / The finite game

Infinite game includes the Why. Our belief. The vision of the company. Where we're going. Somwthing we'll practically never reach. But we will die tying.
It's an ideal.
Values don't change every year (or that's a problem).
Values emerge from patterns when you operates at your best. When you're in the flow. At least 3 patterns emerge, no more than 5. Those are your values.
They're hard to measure.

The finite game: the what (or the tangible game)
Our interests lies here. They're easy to see and to measure.
Ex: Products sold, clients we have.

To build an infinite business, you want to run all decisions first through your values, and then through your interests.

Robin Sharma

You 5 non-negotiable values.
Ex; Beeing around beauty every day. Living with integrity whatever the situation. To exercice even when you don't feel like it. Family first.

Tony Robbins

I've been obsessed with the question: What makes the difference in the quality of people's life?
Why is it some people have big dreams, but such a minority make it a reality?
For those who make it a reality what is it that make them follow through?
You may already have experienced this feeling of having always wanted something, and once you get it, you ask yourself: Well is this all there is?
One of the worse feeling in the world: When you succeed in achieving your goal and you're still not happy. Not fulfilled.

There are two things that control everything in your life:
It controls your every thought, feeling, emotion, actions:
Your beliefs and your values.
If you believe Life is just a waste of time, then whatever you do, obviously you're not gonna go far. To loose weigh or to push you for the next level of your finances or your career, or your relationship, or anything else.
Beliefs controls us. And so do our values.
Challenge comes when there's conflict.
Ex: you want to make a difference in the world. You want to do well for your family. You wnat to do well financially.
But simultaneously you don't want to upset anybody. Or you want to be totally honnest and want to make everybody happy.

When we have conflicts between what we want and what we think we can have.
You have a goal but at the same time a belief that says "This damn thing never gonna work".
Those inner conflicts keep people from using all their energy. Like taking 2 steps forward and 3 backward.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Money stopped being the goal at $100,000. No other amount felt the same. Not 1 million, not 10 millions.

Is it ever ok to violate a core value to achieve a goal?
First thing, you values and your goals should be aligned.
Your goals should be set up in a way that they support your values (and vice-versa)

Jeff Bezos

How can you do so many different things? Why don't you stick and focus with one thing to keep the business simple?
We do actually stick to one thing. The thread running through all those things is the same.
We only have a few principles at Amazon. Kind of core values that we go back to over and over again.
Customer obsession (and not competitor obsession)
Eagerness to invent. To pioneer. Being different, unique.
Long-term thinking. Being patient with our business initiatives.
Operational excellence. High standards in detecting and fixing defects. Professionalism: do the things right just for the stake of doing them right.

Jordan Peterson

Values aren't created, they're discovered.
(in consultation with a part of yourself you're not conscious of)
You have to discover what your values are.
You get the message of those values from a dialog with yourself, with your consciousness.

That's why you need to tell the truth.
You're forced to negociate with yourself to operate properly in the world. If you engage in self-deception and lies with yourrself, you know who you could be and how you should be living, then it's like your consciousness is discussing with someone she can't trust.

Mark Manson

Imagine you have a yacht, it's all you care about. Then something happens and you realize it was pretty superficial. You search for new value.
But values are not something we can just decide.
Sometimes we wish we care about something we don't, and vice-versa.
Before you commit to a new value, you have to try them on.
You can sit down and visualize, or write.
For example you may visualize what my life would be if I weren't a tech addict anymore? If I didn't value material goods beyond the strict minimum?
Tough question because it can shake the vision we have of ourselves, might shake our business, our marriageā€¦
Usually you visualize what you want and you go get it. It's the other way around.

Will Smith

I never did things for money. Do what you love and then you'll learn to make money.
If you love piano, and have the chance for a high paid job, do play the piano.
You're tearing yourself apart if you're not doing the thing you love.
And you now what it is. Right now there's somethign you love more than anything.

Dalai Lama

Money can bring some friends. But friends of money, not of being yourself.

Michelle Obama

Even though my parents couldn't give us material things, they gave us something much more precious. They gave me and my brother strong values.
To treat others with dignity and respect. To push for excellence in every single thing we do. To be humble. To be greatful for everything he have.

Daymond John

I was trying to do it for money. I hate working on cars.
Lots of people dream just to be rich. But that's not a dream.

Jon Assaraf

The first thing you have to ask is, what are your highest values.
Ex: God, my health, my family, contribute, fun.

Every morning I think about a way to put into practice my highest values. To connect with God. Then to make sure that I'm healthy. Then to have a rich relationship with my family. Then how do I use my gifts, my passion, my story to share it with the world.

If I do those five things, I can be sure I've had a great day. And if it's every day, it compounds into a great life.
If you keep the focus on what's essential, then the rest is inconsequential.
There's not that much to do. Just a few things in each area every day. And after some years, you're so ahead of the curve.

Jim Collins

Built to last.
Those companies that are built to last were founded first and foremost on a rock solid set of core values that are not open for negotiation.
What give them the reason to fight, the reason to struggle, the reason to endure. It was values.

Pierre Omidyar

When your business is based on how one customer interacts with another customer, the only thing you can do is having a set of values that you encourage people to adopt.
And for them to adopt those values is they can see that you adopt them as well.
When I say I believe people are basically good, I believe people are basically good. I didn't come up with it for Ebay.
You should give people the benefice of the doubt: I believe that as a way of life.

Neale Donald Walsch

For the first fifty years of my life, I thought my life was about me. I had the attitude of a nine years old.
I was very self-centered. Looking at my own career. My own goals. My own objectives, needs, desires.
I tried to be civilized but basically my life was focused on me.
Fascinatingly (Paradoxically), although my life was focused on me, my life wasn't working.
I couldn't seem to find happiness that lasts more than a while. Same for success.
One understanding changed everything: Your life is not about you. Your life is about everyone else whose life you touch.
It doesn't mean to give up on your goals and everything. But to do it for a totally different reason. If you do it to enrich the lives of others, whatch the world fall in on you.
If you do things to get, get, get, have more. If the primary reason is for yourself, you'll be struggling every day for the rest of your life.


Quote of the day

Understanding your core value is the first step towards knowing what success is.

-- Evan Carmichael

Inspiring ideas

As you watch the video, write down the ideas that inspire you. What stuck out? What quotes made you pause?

Mind blowing. Life-changing - Fascinating.
It's a revelation. I'm having the best insights I have ever had over the last 20 years of my life.
I can't believe it's happening. I can't believe how disconnected I was from myself, how poorly I've been spending my time. I'm so excited to live from now on. To make the most of every single minute. My soul is crying thank you to all of you.

Combining a wide variety of inspiring people on a specific key idea is magical. Sometimes you just need to hear it 33 times from different angles to get it right. You also need to assemble the other parts of the puzzle before it ticks.

Ideas to action

You wrote down some amazing & inspiring ideas. Now write exactly how and when you will apply those ideas in your life.


What is your most important core value and why?

Where are you living inconsistantly with your core value?

What step will you take to change to match your core value to your life?


If you don't get this right, your business will fail.
It's not just about what you love doing and the skillset you have.
It's about having similar core values as the people you bring onboard.
You need to know what your Who is, what you stand for.

That's what so many people fail to see when thinking: I just need to get a good coder, a good designer, and a good marketer together.
It's like marring someone checking boxes without ever meeting her.
Why does Things fall apart ? Because you don't share the same core values.
And a lot of time you don't know what are your core values to start with.
Define your core values. They'll serve you not only for your business, but for life. This is what you stand for as a human.
Then you will attract the people who not only have the skillset and desire, but the same core values. Because the skillset is easier to teach than the core values.
To make someone change his core values, I don't know how to do it.