How much do I like it: 10/10

Wonderful. Not disappointed to say the least.
The quality and value of the worksheet is top notch too.
I'll not only take notes and do the worksheet, but publish it on my blog until day 30.

Edit: I have to make justice to the contents in this series. I juet edited my ranking from 8 to 10.
I got the best insights I ever had over the past 20 years. It's a combined effect with other content I consume, but this one definitely made it ticks.

Day 1 - Inspiration


Sleeping in the office: Entrepreneur is hard (L. Brown)
Don't stop to walk toward your dream. Don't stop. Don't stop.

While walking, I say all the things I'm grateful for. (Robin Sharma)

Didn't have tech background so I was teaching to it myself. Sleeping on the floor.
"I need $500 and will make you the software. If it doesn't work, I'll do anything for you, wash your windows, walk your dog…"
He gave me the $500, that enabled me to create "micro solution", it turned into a real company, and it sold for 6 millions dollars.

Woman in a wheelchair going at the gym.
The most inspiring person is the one overcoming the fear of doing something the other persons is excellent at it.

Engaged visualization: seeing and sensing it (the good, the bad, the easy and the difficult). Be emotively there. Feeling it.
Feeling the struggles, Being resilient at the turning point when you want to quit.
What would you say to yourself, what would keep you pushing?
(Brendon B.)

You can get inspired from anything, the most insignificant object around you can be inspiring.

Get inspired and then make your own thing out of it. (Avici)

Fans want to feel out of touch with reality for a moment, and I give them this fantasy (Lady Gaga)


The difference between outstanding and average is what you do when it gets hard.

-- Evan Carmichael

Inspiring ideas

Write down the ideas that inspires you.

Ideas to action

Studies show that writing down How and When you will act on your ideas makes you way more likely to benefit from it.

Every day around 4pm, I take a walk with my 3 years old daughter. I'll use this time to think about all the things I'm grateful for. I may even say it out loud. She's quite young, so it shouldn't be embarassing. She may even enjoy and benefit from it.
I can also try it when washing the dishes or cooking.

There's a pattern with people reaching the very bottom before becoming successful. The tension push you to laser focus on your goal. You don't think about anything but it.
Every morning I need to be reminded my goals with reading it. And thinking about it several times a day.
As I do it, I'll keep in mind the hardship I went through, sleeping at the office or in my car.

When learning a programming language, I can see many people already proficient. But I also can get inspired with the one starting with no skills, or even the one with disabilities like being blind. They really can code, and it just change my perspective on what's possible. Just slow down, take your time, don't think you're awkaard or disadvantaged.

Before going to sleep, I will visualize myself achieving my goals. I will see myself struggling. I will see myself wanting to quit. I will see myself procrastinating. And I will come up with the solutions and tricks not to stop, but to keep going.

When playing with my daughter, I can see and take any object around and make it interesting, playing with it in a way it wasn't designed for. Outside, I can take a leave, a stick, a stone and find something specific to make my daughter laugh or catch her attention.

Make your own thing after consuming. Write down what makes you tick. And create. Work with what speaks to you, play with it. And communicate it to others through teaching, writting, your own creation. So that others can get what you felt with "consuming" your creation.
Do this when reading books, when watching a video.

People are looking to escape their daily routines and see a new world that speaks to them. Create this new world in you so that they can look at you (or your creation) and see it, and marvel at it.


What inspired you to join #Bestlife30 ?

I was reading "Your One Word", plus watching videos on the Youtube chanel of Evan Carmichael.
I think it can give a different perspective on how I see the world, and what I can do with my life.

What does an inspired life look like for you ?

I want to wake up in the morning excited, thrilled. I used to feel it so I know it's possible and I know there's no better feeling. Everything fade in comparison.
Inspired means I know exactly what I'm going to do. I am eager to do it. I know it's a worthly goal. I know it will makes someone happy. I know it will be interesting. I know I will learn something. I will have something to reflect upon at night.

Working and exchanging ideas with someone like-minded to get even more inspired and excited.

If you wake up tomorrow uninspired, how will you find your inspiration?


Goals doesn't matter until it's hard.
Expect the struggles, the difficulties, being set off-road. Don't be surprised and discouraged when it happens.
This is you chance to be outstanding, not just average.

Day 2 - Motivation


Ed Mylett

You're not made to be average and ordinary. Society push you to, but you can take control.
For 5,000 of years, great things have been achieved by this little minority of the 1%.
Don't fall into this "Live small, praise the great few".
If you're a school teacher, be the best you can be. Don't be satisfied with average.

Tom Bilyeu

Hard truth about getting great: it takes time and dedication.
Accept that you're not yet good enough. Stare at the place you're at without letting it affects your self-esteem.
In the beginning, we're all terrible.

"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst."

-- Henry Cartier-Bresson

Greatness is a craft, greatness is a process. Greatness is a habit.
Greatness is a little thing that you do everyday.
It's being unafraid to make those 10,000 mistakes you will do.

"Courage doesn't always roar, sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow."

-- Mary Anne Radmacher

Everyday embrace the difficulties and mistakes. To get rid of your ego before you can really find greatness.
Those are the people we remember.
To achieve greatness, have the courage to show up everyday, take another swing, take another photo.

Gary Vaynerchuk

If it's you last week on Earth, would you complain about your crap job?
You would go much higher thinking.
Isn't it sad to go through your day without excitement? I don't even get the mentality of a sad monday morning.
Take a step back. Honor the chance you have to be alive in this very moment.

David Goggins

You can go from the weakest man to the strongest man in the world if you do this. Life is one big mind game. And you play it with yourself.
It got me started through the hardest training. Where most people quit, I felt like I have just started.
When you take that mindset. You flip it around. That made me powerful.

Conor McGregor

When I was a kid I was visioning stadiums. I would visualize myself raising hands in a hall of fans.
Later on when I came to one of those fighting event, I said "Ok. This is it. This is what I'm gonna do."
I got terrible experience for 18 months as a plumber. Then I quit, I focused on training. I knew what was going to happen. I knew I was going to get there. They didn't.
I proved them wrong. I proved myself right.
I don't do anything else if it's not got to do with fighting.
All you got to do is show up.
What's unhealthy is working 9 to 5 every day alike. That beats your mind.

Dan Peña

Nobody ever had to motivate me. You don't have to motivate the best of the best.
"People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity no matter how impressive their other talents."
"We had to call the security guard to drive your father home and make him sleep."

Mel Robbins

I always wanted a six pack. But when I got honest with myself and realized I would never get it.
Me, at the age of 49, with my affinity for alcohol, my love of carbs, and my disease for exercices.
You got to be pragmatic and take a look at what your day would look like to go from now to your goal.
You might hear a lot "I want to be a millionaire". But do you, really?
You actually can make it happen.
Look, even idiots make money. You can make money.
But you have to be honest. What are the habits you need that you don't have right now.
Do I want to exercice today (No). Do I want to skip my favorite food today (No).

Have this "reality-check" with yourself.
If you don't feel so bad about your situation right now, or you think slightly better will do. Then you don't need to hurt yourself with seting unrealistic goals you'll never achieve.
Just focus on the things you're actually commited to.

Rome wasn't built in a day. And didn't fall apart over night either.
You don't achieve worthwhile goals quickly or easily. They take time. They take struggles. They take relentless pursuit.
Success and failure are slow processes.
And that's why you got to pay attention. You have to watch every single second. Because seconds turn into minutes, then hours up to years.
That second that just went by. It counted.
For those every second you're either building, or decaying.
Make every second count.

Casey Neistat

Working hard is more important than needing inspiration hard.

Tai Lopez

Most people procrastinate because what they do don't motivate them.
You don't need to motivate a 14 years-old to play video games. He won't procrastinate on it.
So when you're a grown up, you need to find deep within yourself what motivates you.

Tyson Fury

I've already won. No matter the result of the fight. I never felt so great mentally and physically.


Quote of the day

Chase down your dreams, even if everyone around you thinks you're crazy!

-- Evan Carmichael

Inspiring ideas

What stuck out from the video? What made you pause? What inspired you?

I didn't expect so many insights in one video. That was dense!

Ideas to action

How and when will you apply those ideas?


What does playing at a bigger level look like for you?

It definitely needs you to know what you have to give. Before you get something, you need to give something.
You need that awareness of what to give. So when you give it, you know what it is for, and you don't set back.

You need to play the mind game with yourself, and stengthen it.

You need that awareness that every second count. Don't waste it. Make every single moment useful. +1 instead of -1.

You need to realize the chance you have to live in this world in this Era.

You have to know what motivates you.

You need to have a vision.

You need to prove yourself right, and to prove them wrong.

You need not to be content with your situation, and push you to greater highs.

You need to be ready to put the time.

What specific steps do you need to take to make it happen?

I need to be clear with my goal.
If my goal is to find my goal, then be clear with that.

How will you find your motivation consistently so it becomes a habit?

Have a routine, go to sleep same time, wake up same time.
know what you will do the next day. Plan it the night before.
Remind yourself your goal daily. Visualize it.

Final words

Chasing your dreams, even if everyone around think you're crazy, is the only way you're gonna win.
Everyone can become the greatest at something.
Must of us settle for something just over survival. Just good enough to get by.
When you have to make your toughest decision, make it with your heart, not your mind.
If I look back on this moment I'm 100 years old at the end of my life, what will I regret more?