How much do I want to read more of this? 9/10

This guy gives such high quality wisdom. It's astonishing. I never known anyone else reading that much, and puting it to use. His production is top notch.
Expect to have many insights with following him.
He will definitely be with me on this lifetime journey.

0001/ +1 or -1 = Destiny Math : What Must YOU be?

"What one CAN be, one must be."

-- Abraham Maslow

The top of his pyramid is all about the importance of actualizing our potential.
This need to self-actualize is, at a certain stage of development, as important as our need to breathe.
It's kinda like soul oxygen.

Maslow also told us that in any given moment we have a choice.
We can step forward into growth. Or, we can step back into safety.
Moment to moment to moment. We have a choice. +1 or -1. +1 or -1. +1 or -1.

0002/ The number 1 Key to Happiness + Flourishing

Imagine your ideal self.
Take a deep breath/10 seconds and bring that epically awesome you to life in your mind.

That ideal version of you is pretty much watching you all day every day.
The Stoic philosophers called this “the Other.” Modern theologians would call it your conscience.
another name for that highest version of yourself was “daimon”. A guiding spirit that exists within each of us.

The old-school philosophers considered your relationship with this inner soul THE most important thing in life.
They said that if you want to be happy you need to be on really good terms with your daimon.
their word for happiness was eudaimōn which literally means “good soul.”

Rate and describe your relationship with your inner soul.

Which part of your relationship are pretty good? Which are not so good?

What’s one little thing you can do to +1 that relationship today?

(That's so powerful. In my childhood, I used to say "you cannot lie to yourself". I didn't know it, but I was talking about my soul. You may act good or bad. Your inner self knows it all, whatever you do or pretend during the day.)