I discovered that the mind is the most powerful tool God has given us.
What the mind chooses to see, colours the actions we take.

We all have blockages.
Blockages stop us from being the best version of ourselves; fulfilling our passions and deepest goals and desires.

We start fresh for a new day, a new project, new goals. But what happen a few days, weeks or months later?
We stop, we fail to commit long term to our goals.
So why do we not continue? The answer stems from our blockages.
The trick relies in reversing and eradicating them.

Success is persisting and stiving to grow more. Playing it safe is not growing.
Success is all about having the opportunity to grow emotionally, spiritually, socially, financially.

Once you get rid yourself of what is blocking you, you will find yourself eager to kick off your journey to success.
Your will feel your creativity launching itself.

When a person goes downhill, it is most likely because of theit stuckberries, trauma they may not have yet dealt with.

The magical thing that successful people do that other people fail to do is to take action.
They visualise things and then make those things happen.

Part 1 - Understanding success and stuckberries

The meaning of success

Only the man who feels fulfilled gets up each day eager to make new strides.

The meaning of true success

Money may reduce sadness. It offers ease to survive.
Research shows that ultimately what brings us happiness is knowing that our time is well spent. Enjoying with and Helping others.
The better you use your time, the happier you will likely feel.

Time, not money, is our most precisous resource. As such, we should spend it wisely.
When we suffer blockages, our time is not enjoyable.
Spending our time wisely can be spending time with the right people, doing things we are passionate about, achieving and growing.

Success breeds success.
Just as witnessing an act of kindness has been shown to create a ripple effect, successful people spur other people on to be successful. They are infectious with inspiration.

Our actions result from the way we interpret things and have a direct bearing on our level of happiness. We can choose to change our negative interpretations.
Success and happiness are predicated on choice.
You can get value, lessons from anything and anyone.

The more you learn and connect with the world, the more successful you will become.
Having the right mindset to communicate and engage take practice. Your choice of emotions determines your mindset > emotions > actions.
You are the director of your life.

True success

The happiness experienced due to life events is only short-lived. We return to our baseline level of happiness soon after.
An enduring and stable happiness is one we contribute with putting in place a firm set of values.

Instilling a set of values in your life can help you channel your time into doing things that make you happy.
Give some thoughts to what truths, what values resonate with you.
Ask yourself what actions can adhere to those values.
Then follow through by doing those actions.

Success 1010

Psychologists use the term "self-actualisation" to define those who who realise their true potential.
It lies in how we view ourselves. Our self-esteem, self-conception, self-confidence.
Start with the basics, build a foundation, atop which you can construct your path to success.

Like the pyramid of Maslow, one foundation can be built onto the other until the top.

Success and happiness come from the sense of satisfaction achieved when dealing with problem after problem.