How much do I want to read more? 5/10

The book asks Interesing questions (how to choose my life) but the way it answers is confusing to me. Espcially when using quotes from the Bible. Maybe I'm just not used with reading the Bible and that's not the book for me.

1/ The long road to nowhere

My job is to help you hear God telling you to get off the long road to nowhere and finally make a decision, get a job, and, perhaps, get married.

The hesitancy so many of us (especially the young) feel in making decisions and settling down in life is because:
so many choice, and we're concerned with everyone and everything but our own future.

2/ The will of God is Christianese

If God has a wonderful plan for my life, as the evangelistic tract tells us, then why doesn’t He tell me what it is?

There are so many decisions to make: Whom should I marry? Do I want kids? How many kids? Where should I go to college? Should I even go to college? What job should I take? Should I stay in my current job? Is now the time to buy a house?


Many of us fear we’ll take the wrong job, or buy the wrong house, or declare the wrong major, or marry the wrong person, and suddenly our lives will blow up.