ELEVENTH CHOICE - Testing vs. Trusting

1/ This is what stops us

This is how people stop themselves:
They tell themselves things like, “I don’t believe it would work.” “I don’t have enough desire for it.” “I don’t have enough passion.” “I don’t trust it yet.” “I guess I have to be more of a believer before I start doing this.”

You make the list because you think you have to trust something before you do it. You don’t.

2/ Did you think walking would work?

the first baby step, the first bycicle ride: All you had to do was be willing to keep testing it.

Me: “This will never work. This will never work!! I don’t see how this could work. Oh, it might work for others—but I don’t think it will work for me.”
But then, after I fell, I got back up on the bike. I kept doing that. Soon I was riding the bike.
But I was young. I was not a grown-up yet. A grown-up in a similar situation, with a similar thing they are trying to learn how to do, gets on the bike, falls off the bike, and then sues the bike company.

Failure is embarrassing and something you should never put yourself in a position to experience, right? Not if you’re a grown-up. You shouldn’t expose yourself to public failure for any reason ever—so, therefore, be careful, don’t even try to ride a bike until you can believe that it will work.

Meanwhile the child (their mind clear of sentiment and fear) is yelling, “Look, Ma, no hands!”

4/ Wanting trust instead of a life

In my coaching school, some people prior to coming to the school read up on these systems and they say to me, “I guess I’m just going to have to trust that this school will work for me.”
And I say, “You know, you don’t. I’ll tell you what the experience is of people who have been to the school. Those who practice (test) the disciplines in the school succeed, and you can come practice and test them yourself or you can come bite your nails and observe everyone else and wonder if this will work for you.”

Some people want to be like people going to a gym, pulling up a lawn chair and watching everyone working out. They are watching people swim, watching people on the machines and just observing. They wonder if it will work for them. They see such strong, slim, fit bodies, but still they don’t know if they should trust it.

They don’t understand that it is the action that moves people forward. And trusting has no place in it.