How much do I want to read more? 5/10

I already listened to the audio book version (most of it) and it really is all about psychedelics (LSD, mushroom).
It might be interesting to understand why such substances affect our brain that much. The author say it temporarly dissolves our ego and allow us a mystical experience.
Is it then like a temporarly, provoked "enlightened" experience?
My question is: are the (few) enlightened person experiencing continually what a random person would do briefly during a LSD trip?
Most of the book looks boring to me. The author relates how he went to use LSD at seventy, and his search for how it can helps the science of the mind.


the arrival of these disruptive chemistries coincided with the atomic bomb.
LSD was first synthesized in 1938, shortly before physicists split an atom of uranium for the first time.
Hofmann accidentally ingested a minuscule quantity of the new chemical and realized he had created something powerful, at once terrifying and wondrous.

The second molecule had been around for thousands of years. not by a chemist but by an inconspicuous little brown mushroom (psilocybin molecule)

One good way to understand a complex system is to disturb it.
By smashing atoms, a particle accelerator forces them to yield their secrets.
By administering psychedelics in carefully calibrated doses, neuroscientists can profoundly disturb the normal waking consciousness of volunteers.